10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Color


10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Color

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that’s just for you – a place to relax, recharge, welcome the day, and retreat into at night. It should be a place that evokes peace and happiness just by walking in, which is one reason your bedroom décor is so important.

For many people, neutrals are soothing . But for others, color creates the mood they want. The key is to understand what colors mean and tap into your own feelings about them. Read on below for our guide to decorating your bedroom using color. 

  1. Choose orange if you want your bedroom to feel youthful and vibrant. Orange is the color of celebration and laughter, and promotes confidence. If you are not ready to decorate an entire room in this citrus hue, consider a neutral bedroom with a pop of orange in the form of a lamp, large painting, or bedside table.
  1. Green, a color associated with wealth, can also be the color of healing and rejuvenation because of its association with growth and nature. A green bedroom can represent balance, stability, nourishment and healing, which makes it the perfect color for a place of serenity such as a bedroom.

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  1. Lavender, or light purple, has a positive association with relaxation thanks to its fragrant flowering plant of the same name. Lavender is also a color associated with spirituality and light purple is thought to be a color of compassion. There’s a reason lavender essential oils and sachet promote sleep and relaxation – the very color of the plant reinforces these properties! Putting a live potted lavender plant in your room can also help promote better sleep.
  1. Deep blue is a color of efficiency and decision-making. While these may not sound like things you need to address in the bedroom, clearing your head at the end of the day is always a healthy practice. If you’re the type of person who is soothed by a lack of clutter, emotionally or physically, a deep blue color in your bedroom might be the most relaxing hue for you.

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  1. Blue’s lighter side is all about peace and tranquility. Light blue is thought to dissolve tension in the home and create a sense of well-being. For this reason, it is a very popular bedroom color – many people associate the color with being light in body and mind and floating away from the cares of the day.
  1. Choose a pink theme for your bedroom if you are one of the many who find the color of love gentle and soothing. Pink is thought to open the heart, promoting tenderness and comfort. If you have recently suffered a difficult time emotionally, decorating your bedroom with pink will provide comfort during the transition to better times. 

Camille Blush Bedding

  1. Bright red is a stimulant, which is why it is used generally only as an accent color in the bedroom. Too much red can make you feel overly excited, but a splash of this powerful color promotes self-confidence and courage. A bright red vase on your dressing table may help you start your morning the same way a cup of coffee would, or one red wall might serve as a reminder of your personal power and goals.

 Tacoma Quilted Bedding

  1. Deep red, on the other hand, is thought to be the color of passion. This more emotional shade of red may help you move through emotional blocks or inhibitions. Deep shades of red are meant to encourage us to live our lives to the fullest and take pleasure in the moment, making them perfect for the bedroom if what you seek is a decadent retreat, much deserved after the trials and tribulations of the day.

 Cheston Quilted Bedding

  1. Like its close relative, orange, yellow is also a stimulating color that is probably best used sparingly in the bedroom. Yellow increases mental agility and focus, which might be desirable in the morning but not when you are trying to wind down after a hard day. As an accent color, however, yellow can be very pleasing. Consider a yellow side chair, bright cushion, or thought-provoking piece of artwork.
  1. Last but certainly not least, there is aqua, the color of relaxation. Aqua is very popular as a bedroom color because this color of the sea is said to inspire trust and promote deep sleep and dreaming. It’s also a wonderful color for yoga or meditation if these are activities you enjoy doing in your bedroom space.

 Karina Bedding

Color can add energy to a lifeless room, or inject a sense of stillness into a chaotic space. It’s a personal choice that changes with our stages in life, but its effect should not be overlooked. It’s worth the time to create the space you need to live your best life.

For more home décor ideas, check our blog regularly. We’re constantly exploring ways to make the most of our cherished time at home. And... if you are a DIYer then you should for sure check out How to Make Your Own Wood Headboard!

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