So Many Quilts - So Few Bedrooms. What's your Favorite?


Quilts, quilts, quilts! How to decide on the perfect quilt is quite a task! Here at the quilt shop we enjoy offering brand new patterns and color choices to satisfy the variety of tastes our customers love. VHC Brands, our main supplier, comes up with many new designs throughout the year. They do an awesome job of researching primitive country color trends and styles. We are in the middle of our new Spring launch right now and we've added over a dozen new bedding collections to our online store.

Since we have such a large selection, it's pretty easy for our customers to find something they like. Typically the real struggle is trying to choose from a long list of many favorites. The following infographic shows some of our most popular colors and collections from 2015. It will be fun to see how our new launch goes and what patterns rise to the surface during 2016!

 Quilt colors infographic

Our new launch includes solids and patterns. You can view our whole line of current quilted bedding collections and make a wish list for your next bedroom makeover.

Austin quilted bedding Cheyenne Red quilt

 If you need more clarification or have questions about one of our quilt sets, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you find a great fit for your home, one that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

What's your favorite bedroom color scheme? Can you narrow down to find just one favorite quilt collection or are there several on your list? Let us know if the comments. 


You could WIN our brand new Cheyenne American Red Queen Quilt

Cheyenne American Red Queen Quilt for Giveaway

To enter our giveaway, become a follower of our blog and leave us a comment below by February 24, 2016. Tell us about your favorite bedroom color scheme. If you would like a second chance to win, let us know you shared our blog post on Pinterest or Facebook. We will announce our winner on Friday, February 26th!


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  • Jacki Alcorn
Comments 194
  • Susan Perry
    Susan Perry

    ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆My bedroom is painted deep red with landscape paintings and black and white accents. I have tan curtains that match the rug and the cedar lumberjack bed. I’m ♡loving♡ the new black and white quilts…especially the star patterns, but the dark florals are pretty great, too. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Ali Celestino
    Ali Celestino

    My favorite color scheme for a bedroom is Red and Gold and silver they blend so well together.

  • robin morrison
    robin morrison
    Great wedding gift for my Son and his future Wife…. Fall Wedding…Great time for a beautiful Quilt. What a beatiful surprise.
  • Ashl

    In love with the red!!!! :)

  • Susan Tharp
    Susan Tharp

    We have warm chocolate brown & barn red rust color accents in our master bedroom. The Cheyenne American Red Queen Quilt would look so lovely in there. I just love all your quilts and decor!

  • Lori G
    Lori G

    I ❤️ The Ninepatch Star & the Cheston. Anything with Burgundy!

  • linda wrench
    linda wrench

    I love the red bedding and I like mixing red and yellowtogether

  • Vicki

    I just bought the Breckenridge Shower Curtain an absolutely love it. It gave me a reason to redo my bathroom, which I love. Now want to do my bedroom and this Red Cheyenne American quilt. I am loving Red at this season of my life.

  • Debra Sprague
    Debra Sprague

    I love white walls and bright sunny windows in my bedrooms, so the bedding must be colorful and bright! The more color the better. I would love to snuggle under this beautiful red quilt—esp. at Christmas time! I’ve shared you post on Facebook also. Thanks!


    I love the Breckenridge Queen Quilt, so beautiful

  • Juanita Pflieger
    Juanita Pflieger

    My favorite quilt collection is Patriotic Patch. I loved it so much that I added Patriotic Patch curtains and pillows to my family room. The Cheyenne American Red Queen Quilt would be a beautiful addition to my home. Love your site!!

  • Buffy Reichley
    Buffy Reichley

    I just shared this on Facebook!

  • Buffy Reichley
    Buffy Reichley

    I just shared this on Facebook!

  • Buffy Reichley
    Buffy Reichley

    Love, love, love the red! I have been slowly redecorating my house and this will look great in my bedroom!

  • Connie

    Having purchased the Black and Tan Quilt set from you I can attest to the beautiful patterns and the second to none quality of your home decor. I absolutely love my country decor in the black red and tan color scheme!

  • Vivia

    Red is my very favorite color!! When it comes to decorating, I do prefer a deeper red. These quilts are beautiful!!

  • Barbara Hart
    Barbara Hart

    I absolutely love the red quilt. Cream with the red with accents if black is so welcoming & add warmth b

  • Barbara Hart
    Barbara Hart

    I absolutely love the red quilt.

  • Debbie Nelson
    Debbie Nelson

    I love black and cream in a bedroom with red accents.


    I love the red quilt.

  • REnee rOmanski
    REnee rOmanski

    I love your quilts, beautiful

  • Rachelle M
    Rachelle M

    I love the red, tans and blacks!

  • Robin Morrison
    Robin Morrison

    The Cheyenne AMERICAN Red QUEEN the perfect fit for the gray bedroom. Would love to own this .

  • Tracy Thompson
    Tracy Thompson

    I have just purchased the curtains, quilt, bed skirt, shams and decorative pillow in the Millsboro collection. My quilt has been backorderd but I have received the rest. I am extremely pleased, I was excited about the pattern when I ordered it, but even better in person!

  • Crystal Brazil
    Crystal Brazil

    Even the weather in Florida there’s something about quilts that I just love!

  • Angel Cullen
    Angel Cullen

    I have a burgundy and cappuccino color theme in my bedroom so this quilt would fit perfect!

  • Rachel

    I love this color its beautiful. I always love order from the company great people always have everything i need. A++++ BUSINESS

  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson

    Love the solid red!!!

  • Jackie Moore
    Jackie Moore

    My favorite bedroom cars are….tan…gold.
    Love the looks of your quilts and look forward to hearing more from your blog. I’m sharing this now!

  • Marjorie Lavender
    Marjorie Lavender

    I saved this on pinterest. (Susie Lavender Momcave board)

  • Marjorie Lavender
    Marjorie Lavender

    I am so thankful that I read Brenda’s blog and found your site. I love the red but the navy is a close second!

  • Marissa C.
    Marissa C.

    I shared the pin on pinterest!

  • Marissa C.
    Marissa C.

    I’m a sucker for Blue and White color schemes! I love the navy quilt! =)

  • Tamela Carley
    Tamela Carley

    Love all the quilts! Burgandy is my favorite.

  • Tamela Carley
    Tamela Carley

    Love all the quilts! Burgandy is my faborite.

  • Katherine Kratky
    Katherine Kratky

    Big love for red & tan here in the Ozark Mountains! Great choice of color for the month of “Love”!

  • Donna Sayles
    Donna Sayles

    I just love all of your items, Everything I have bought has been of great quality and your customer service is amazing. Keep up the awesome work thank you for a chance to win this beautiful quilt.

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva

    Love earthy colors, Thank you for the chance to win, I have had very positive results with Primitive Star Quilt Shop

  • Joan Sommerfield
    Joan Sommerfield

    Red is so pretty and I really need a new quilt as the one on my queen size bed is much too small and worn…..this would be perfect. So many of your quilts are really pretty. I will be a new follower!

  • Lori

    I have Tea Cabin in my bedroom and I LOVE it!! I also bought the Abiline Star set for one of my spare bedrooms. I’ll soon be looking for a set for my last spare bedroom and tend to go with earthtone colors, but this red is beautiful!

  • Susan

    I just discovered your site from Cozy Little House. Very lovely! I have always used blues and greens in my bedroom, but my daughter loves red. We are moving to another house soon, and this set would be perfect in her bedroom.

  • Susan

    Beautiful bedding. The new Red is lovely. Maybe I am the winner!

  • Claire Swary
    Claire Swary

    My entire house is full of colonial/primtive decor with earthy, muted colors. I love love love this deep rusty red, absolutely my favorite!

  • Mary Frances Baker
    Mary Frances Baker

    I have never used “Red” in my decorating, always a version of red, more of a rust color. I am in love with that quilt that is featured. My husband and I are down sizing and I am redecorating a home. I may have to add “Red”. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Deborah Weiland
    Deborah Weiland

    The dark red quilt is stunning. All the collections of quilts you carry are beautiful.

  • John Sanchez
    John Sanchez

    Beautiful well made quilts….you can’t go wrong buying one or two. Everything I have bought on this website has been nothing short of high quality items, not to mention excellent customer service. Keep up the good work

  • Janice Davis
    Janice Davis

    I love the red quilt featured, but I especially love the denim blue quilt that Brenda of The Cozy Little House has. It would go perfect with my bedroom decor. It would thrill me to pieces to win one of your beautiful quilts.

  • Thelma Day
    Thelma Day

    I love the Burgundy or Green to go in my guest room. If the offer is available in Canada. I love the quilts. They are beautiful. Thanks xo

  • Bev

    The abilene star is gorgeous!

  • Betsy Swanson
    Betsy Swanson

    That red quilt took my breath away. Perfection!

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