Decorating Tips to Make Your New Home Cozy

family room couch

It can take time to adjust to a new home. But with a little effort, the transition from the old comfort zone to the new one can be smooth and rather enjoyable. Here are some decorating tips and tricks that will help you convert your new home into an oasis of relaxation.

Go for Comfortably Fashionable

A cozy home isn’t necessarily all about looks; it’s mostly related to how furniture can enhance a sense of familiarity. When looking for seating items for your new home, imagine yourself curled up in it with your favorite country quilt and a good book. If you can’t see your troubles floating away, it may not be the piece for you. Furniture should pay tribute to comfort and style. But if you’re after coziness, a little compromise on aesthetics could be a good idea.

Do You Know What the Magic Touch Is?

One of the simplest tricks to make a home more welcoming is to add texture. Surround yourself with things you like the feel of. Fluffy area rugs, interesting wallpapers, and pretty primitive bedding. When dealing with larger rooms, the right use of fabric and texture can greatly reduce the scale and offer a wanted sense of coziness. Window treatments are a great way to add texture and warmth to any room.

Make Use of Warm Colors

Colors have the ability to elicit a range of moods and emotions. While cooler colors such as dark greens, purples and blues can enhance a room visually, warmer tones like browns, reds and orange can make the space feel more compact and inviting.

Different Sources of Lighting

Don’t neglect the magical effect lighting can have. While it may sound strange, just a couple of fixtures in the right place can make a room instantly look bigger, longer and taller, or even cozier. It all comes down to the simple act of repetition. To reduce the scale of the room and make it warmer, place a few table lamps around for a more intimate atmosphere. You should only consider using a ceiling light for formal events and larger gatherings. Small battery operated candles or lighted garland can bring a warm glow to corners, the top of a hutch or a shelf. 

Pay Attention to Detail

Little things like a braided placemat on an end table, candles or even a book in the right place can offer a nice feeling of calmness, and that sort of attention to detail can do wonders when having people over. Many people waste their time and energy trying to make their house spotless and picture-postcard perfect before guests arrive. Sure, cleaning is great, but remember that friends come over to visit you, not carefully inspect your home. Smaller things like fresh flowers spread around the house, or a glass carafe on the bedside table can make their stay more welcoming.


Dim lighting, soothing background jazz and loads of cushions to choose from as well as plush arm chairs that let you dive into softness are just some ideas to consider when trying to make your new home cozy.

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