The Guide to Selecting Top Quality Canvas Handbags

Canvas handbags are a classic staple for any woman to have in her closet. With their versatility and easy-to-care-for material, it’s no wonder that canvas handbags are one of the most popular handbag selections of today. When you’re shopping for this particular style of handbag, you might be wondering how you can choose the very best option for your taste and needs.

It comes as no surprise that quality canvas handbags are made with top quality products. They last a lot longer than handbags of lower quality materials, and they can easily be used throughout every season if you choose.

When you’re considering quality for your canvas handbags, one of the very first features to consider is material.

Understanding the Difference between Canvas, Cotton, and Non-Woven Handbags

Due to the influx of reusable bags for shopping purposes, it’s important to understand material when you’re looking for high-quality canvas handbags. The handbags that we’re discussing in this post are used as classy, quality handbags—not the reusable bags that you’d use to store groceries in at the supermarket.

The weight of material on your canvas handbag is perhaps one of the top considerations of quality. Canvas is the heavier material than cotton and polypropylene. You’ll need to consider the weight of the material when you’re shopping for a canvas bag, but the highest quality bags will use true canvas material.

Quality canvas handbags also feature very strong and durable material. This material is a bit more expensive than what you’d pay for a polypropylene handbag, but it’s typically in line of the quality that you’d expect to pay for.

In this situation, you’ll generally want to stay away from handbags that use polypropylene for their material. This material is very cheap and will likely not last throughout the seasons. However, this material is an environmentally friendly option for those wanting to bring their own tote bag to the grocery store.

What Are the Characteristics of Canvas?

Canvas has its own set of general characteristics, including:

  • Relatively smooth to the touch
  • One of the least elastic materials of all fabrics
  • Highly burn resistant (yet still flammable)
  • Stiffness
  • Highly absorbent
  • Easily wrinkles (much like cotton)
  • If the canvas blend is synthetic, it can be resistant to water and mildew
  • Thick and heavy
  • Low maintenance

Typically, the highest quality canvas handbags will include all of these characteristics. However, there are two variations of canvas to keep in mind: plain and duck.

Plain Canvas vs. Duck Canvas

Generally, plain canvas is a heavy yet plain fabric. It is typically an off-white or cream color. One of the primary differences between plain vs. duck canvas is that duck canvas is more tightly woven. However, both variations are quite durable and serve well for handbags.

Duck canvas is a very versatile and durable fabric. It’s used for a variety of items beyond handbags, including shoes, work clothes, and even tents. Despite its name, duck canvas has nothing to do with ducks or feathers. Its name is derived from the Dutch word doek.

Picking the Right Canvas Handbag for Your Needs

The truth is that selecting any handbag comes down to personal taste and specific needs. Some women need a small bag to store necessities such as your wallet and car keys. Others who are on the go might need more space for additional items.

These are a few guidelines that can help you choose from your selection of high-quality canvas handbags:

  • Consider the weight of your bag. Did you know that the ideal weight of a handbag is less than 2.2 pounds? However, the average handbag is actually around 5 pounds. This is likely due to the weight of personal belongings, but your handbag also will weigh something. Be sure that your handbag feels light before you put anything in it—this can also help cut down on any back or shoulder pain.
  • Take a look at the straps. Poor quality straps will dig into your shoulders and quickly become annoying. It’s best if the straps of your canvas handbags are adjustable—but if that’s not possible, be sure to select a handbag that isn’t too long or too short.
    You’ll find many canvas handbags that have leather trim, including vegan leather trim like what you’ll find at the Primitive Star Quilt Shop. 
  • Consider material quality. Poor quality canvas handbags will eventually break down. You’ll want to look for quality canvas handbags that are thick and sturdy—thin and flimsy material is a major red flag in terms of quality.
  • Stitching is another telltale sign of quality for canvas handbags. Take a look over your bag and be sure that the seaming is consistent all over the bag. You’ll also want to watch out for any loose or stray threats. Furthermore, the print should also match the seams if the bag is patterned.

Examples of High Quality Canvas Handbags

Antebellum canvas handbags

Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers a selection of quality canvas handbags. One of those options includes our Bella Taylor Antebellum Canvas Caravan Tote. Bella Taylor makes exquisite canvas handbags that are suitable for nearly any style, and you won’t be disappointed with the Antebellum line. One of the newest features in this line includes an embossed vegan logo along with a new zipper pull.

This tote will make an impact on your spring and summer wardrobe, and get a head start for a stylish Fourth of July.

When you want to go hands free, consider the Antebellum Canvas Circle Crossbody Handbag by Bella Taylor. This red-and-white handbag features 1 zip pocket and easily wipes clean with a rag. The strap has a maximum length of up to 48x.75”, ensuring ultimate comfort everywhere you go.

Find More Beautiful Canvas Handbags in Our Shop

Feel free to explore our selection of canvas handbags to find the perfect match for your needs. If you have any questions about our products or quality, contact us today on our website or give us a call at 574-892-5043.

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