Stylish and Practical Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

Stylish and Practical Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

Given their function, kitchens are often overlooked as a space that can be stylishly decorated. However, these spaces are the heart and hub of the home – a gathering place for friends and family, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t reflect your personal style. However, you don’t need to completely remodel the kitchen. A few well-placed accessories can give the kitchen the warm and inviting touch it deserves. Here are some tips for decorating your kitchen.

1. Keep the Flow

When it comes to adding accessories to your kitchen, make sure the décor doesn’t interfere with the work flow, or you’ll only get frustrated with it. A small display on the counter can be pretty, but place it in a corner or an out of the way spot that won’t disturb workable counter space.

Napkin holder

2. Use Kitchen-Themed Décor

Accessories in a kitchen feel more natural when they make sense. So give thought to what you include. Serving pieces, table runners, table mats and baskets and flatware all make lovely displays without looking out of place.

3. Use That Space

There are two schools of thought as to whether or not to decorate above kitchen cabinets. If you prefer a contemporary style, leaving a negative space and not decorating above the cabinets will create a sleek look. If you prefer a more traditional style, it’s a great space to show off your style with groupings of accessories.

Decor above kitchen cabinets

4. Small Spaces Can Be Decorated Too

If you have limited space in your kitchen for extra décor, you can still find stylish ways to display all the necessities. Find pots and jars to use as utensil holders and look for an antique granite bowl or pie pan to display fruits.

Crock with utensils

Fruit in antique pans

5. Keep Things Practical

It can be tough trying to keep a kitchen clean and it is inevitable that things will get splashed with food and liquids or grease will build up on items. As you choose decorative and functional accessories, be practical and choose items than can easily be wiped down and cleaned.

6. Don’t Neglect the Window

Adding a simple window treatment, like a prairie curtain, is a great way to give your space a finished and put together look.

7. Remember to Pay Attention to the Basics

While you’re decorating your kitchen, why not give the walls a fresh coat of paint to give the kitchen some depth. A quick change of cabinet and drawer knobs or handles can also instantly recharge the space’s look and feel.

Another great way to add character to your kitchen is by incorporating a mixture of newer and vintage pieces. The kitchen is the perfect opportunity for using vintage items. These items may no longer be functional, but they still offer a good deal of decorative appeal. If a "country" is your lifestyle you might appreciate tips to create the perfect country kitchen


The kitchen is a place where special memories are made, so it should reflect your style and your family with a few well-chosen and well-placed items.

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