Put a Personal ---and Primitive---Touch on Mother’s Day!

Put a personal touch on Mother’s Day and make an impression that lasts all year long!  Here are a few suggestions for making your gift extra-memorable---and warm Mom’s heart!

1. Keep it Fresh

If your mother has a green thumb you can give her this metal bucket with handle. It can be used for her favorite herbs or flowers. If you're able take the extra step and fill the bucket with plants or herbs for her. 



2. Keep it Faux

If your mom loves the look of greenery and flowers in her home, but doesn't want to worry about watering them or rooms with little sunlight - then give her some of our faux greenery picks and bushes. You could even pair some picks and sprays with one of our primitive flower holders. 


3. Keep Mom Cozy and Warm

Wrap Mom in a cozy Cheston Patchwork Pattern quilt!  If she loves quilts (and who doesn’t?!), she will truly appreciate the warm color tones of burgundy and creme as well as the combination of plaids, stripes, vintage prints and striped ticking fabric. Let your Mom know that this Cheston Patchwork quilt can become a family heirloom for generations to enjoy!


 4. Bless Our Home Serving Plate

I know for our family, so many conversations and memories happen in the kitchen and around food! It's the heart of our home. Which makes a serving plate a perfect gift this Mother's Day! You could even give it too her already stacked high with muffins or cookies.


5. Soft and Cozy

Give her one of our throw pillows that she can add to her bedding, couch or front porch swing!  Greet her with a hug and then sit down for a nice chat as you share memories of years gone by.


 6. Better Than Slippers!

When Mom’s feet hit the floor, they won’t be cold!  Also a great place for her favorite ‘woof’ or ‘meow’ to curl up at her feet. Our rugs have amazing quality and will last a long time.


 7. Give the Room a Soft Glow

“So cute…love it” our customers tell us----and that’s exactly what Mom will say! All you have to do is set our Black Box Centerpiece on the dining room table with a card telling Mom how much you appreciate her. The pillar candle in the middle gives off a soft glow; don’t forget to enclose three AAA batteries!


8. You Can Never Go Wrong with a Mason Jar

Mason Jars go with everything and they add tons of country charm. This Mason Jar Candle Lamp is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. You could even pair it with some of our other Mason Jar Products.

9. Give Her a Gift Card

If all else fails, go shopping with her! She will love to look around the site with you and pick something out. It's the best gift!


So there are our top 9 suggestions for Mother’s Day. Don't forget to order early to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day!

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  • Martha James

    This is the first year my mom is not with us, as she passed away on 2/18/16 after a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer. What I loved most about my mom was her faith and will to live. She was 79 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Primary Paritineal cancer, she was determined from day one to fight it, she went thru surgery plus 2 1/2 years of continuous chemo. treatments, all while have drains on each side for her longs and towards then end going every 4 to 5 days to have her stomach drained. She never once complained and her faith in God never waivered .
    She always put her faith and family first, and made sure we were ok. Her love for us is what kept her fighting till the end, as she never wanted her or us to think what if, when she should have been enjoying her golden years. When ever one of us told her I love you she always responded with I love you most , as in every letter and card she put ILYTM , mom or Granny was her enclosed signature.

  • Sue Epling

    “If your friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?” My sister and I always heard this, if we wanted to do something, and said everyone but us is allowed.

  • Judy

    My Mother worked 3 jobs to raise 6 kids by herself in the 1970’s. Mom’s day started at 4 am opening a restaurant for breakfast for 3 hours, then on to a factory job for 8 hours, and ended at home at 9pm when the last kid was fed, bathe, and put to bed. Her determination to survive against all odds has been a true inspiration to not only me, but to my brothers and sister as well.


    My Mamas Unconditionly Love !!! Forever with me.

  • LInda

    I love everything about my Mom. She is the strongest person I have ever known. She always will say how blessed she is no matter what and believe me she hasn’t had an easy life and still till this day she is a 24 hour a day 7 days a week care giver but she never gives up and never ever doubts her faith. She will always be there for us and anyone else she can help. She never puts herself first. I wish that everyone had a mother as sweet and loving as mine is.

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