4 Top Tips from the Pros for Decorating with Paisley

4 Top Tips from the Pros for Decorating with Paisley

Paisley may be a centuries-old pattern, but it sure is enjoying an increase in popularity. From modern paisley print bedding to exquisite paisley quilts, and vibrantly colorful, sophisticated, muted or even monochromatic prints, paisley can effortlessly be added to your home in a variety of different, and tasteful, ways. From rugs and wallpaper to fabrics for different functions, choose patterns that will lift your rooms, taking them from “ho-hum” to ever so stylish.

If you absolutely adore paisley and consider it a timeless pattern, you’re going to be thrilled to hear it’s absolutely fashionably acceptable to be using either really old or even subtle patterns as an accent in your home décor – and even in your clothing.

Timeless, Modern Paisley Has Many Uses

Paisley has actually been used as a pattern on clothing for centuries, particularly on shawls. Today, the pattern remains popular in home décor. Many interior designers have agreed that paisley has enjoyed a renewed vigor in the past couple of years, and many recommend it as a fabric of choice to their clients.

While you either love it or you hate it, there’s no denying it has its stylistic uses. It’s a good idea to use the pattern in small doses, though, since it is such a strong floral pattern. So, for instance, stick to using modern paisley print bedding in your bedroom and keeping everything else in the room neutral or within an accent color.

Fortunately, paisley is one of those patterns that will fit in perfectly with both traditional and modern interiors. So, you can incorporate the design with classic versions and bright, bold colors or rich tones and textures.

Using your paisley pattern as a focal point is critical. This is not a design that works well to compete with other floral patterns. However, it can work very well with more geometric patterns.

The variety and blend of colors tend to give paisley an array of colors that can be rich and subdued or even lively. Many homeowners and decorators opt to use paisley in some of their drapery around the house.

4 Tips for Adding Paisley to Your Home Décor

1. Paisley Accents

If you’re going to use paisley in your home décor, be sure to do so in small doses, such as throws or accent pillows, drapery, one chair or even as modern paisley-print bedding. Too much, though, does not work well with other floral patterns.

2. Make It the Focal Point

Make use of paisley in a chair or a larger piece of furniture as the room’s focal point. Add geometric or more subdued patterns to the room that won’t stand out as much, but rather serve to blend colors.

3. Modern Paisley Print Bedding and Décor

If you’re incorporating paisley into modern décor, go for bigger, bolder patterns.

4. Avoid Using Too Much

Use some paisley, but be very careful when you want to add multiple pieces – you want to try to avoid overwhelming the room.

Classic, Timeless Paisley

While paisley may be a centuries old pattern, it is timeless. It spans so many different styles and tastes, from bright and modern to old-world charm and even vibrant Bohemian. Paisley is highly versatile and can be rather unique. Try it out in your home and you may be surprised at the sophistication and charm it creates.

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