Are You Ready for This Year’s Summer Kitchen Trends?

Summer is just about here. While it means more time outdoors and plenty of BBQ opportunities, it’s also the perfect time to think about giving your kitchen a makeover in time for all that summer entertaining. If you’re stumped for ideas, check out our seven trends for this summertime.

Top 7 Summer Kitchen Trends 2016

1. Choose Natural Textures

We’re talking about woods and stones: reclaimed wood paneling, mosaic stone splash backs and ash benchtops. Just remember to ensure that any material you use as a benchtop has been properly treated and is food ready. Whichever way you put it all together it’s going to look incredible. Finish the look off with a few herbs in attractive pots to bring the natural theme together and a set of prairie curtains for color and functionality

2. Go White

Let’s face it, white doesn’t ever really falter in popularity. Just like the go-to dress in your wardrobe that always serves you well, a crisp, white kitchen always looks the part. What’s more, having a neutral backdrop is great since it means it is even easier to update the kitchen with whichever features and colors you want when the next season rolls around.

3. Create Secret Storage Spaces

Secret storage is not so much of a summer must-have as it is a kitchen miracle. It doesn’t matter how much space you tend to have in your kitchen, there’s always room for more. Pull-out storage and vertical drawers can transform the way you use your space and ensure you get the most out of every nook and cranny.

4. Feature Tiles

We’ve already said we love white, but a little bit of color with a quirky pattern or oddly-shaded tile can bring your kitchen to life this summer. It’s also a great way to help makeover your kitchen if your budget doesn’t stretch to a full kitchen makeover.

5. Livability

Just like additional storage, livability is a necessity. While we all want to have a kitchen that looks like we’ve pulled it straight from the pages of a glossy magazine, we still need to be able to get into the space and prepare dinner for the family. So the lived-in look really can be the ultimate kitchen accessory.

6. Consider Farmhouse Chic

This was a big trend last season, too, and this style is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is growing in popularity this year as well. Check out our Farmhouse Primitives collection to find accent pieces for your kitchen. Farmhouse-style exposed sinks now come in an array of colors and styles and you can top the look off with lantern-type pendant lighting as a finishing touch.

Farmhouse primitives

7. Mixer Taps

Individual filter taps can work in the kitchen, but if you really wish to take your space up a notch this summer, pick a mixer tap design for both hot and cold water. Be sure to get one with that has a separate feeder line for your filtered water and to avoid cross contamination. 

Primitive Star Quilt Shop also has a variety of kitchen décor and even some Farmhouse Chic tea towels to help add the finishing touches to your summer kitchen. Take a look at our online store today.

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