A Quilt in 'America's Brightest Orange' and how it Replaced my Job.

I’ve always had a job.  I loved work---it kind of ‘defined me’.   But three months ago, all that changed. 

I was caught in a reorganization.   I knew it was going to happen so I was prepared-----as much as one can be after 23 years with the same company.  But I had seen many a friend escorted out the door when their department was shuffled and centralized so I thought I was ready.

Job #1 was finding a new job.  Thankfully, I had irons in the fire but it’s a long process and the applicant is on the waiting end.  How do I fill the time and maintain my sanity while treading water, waiting for the phone call?

My answer:  I threw my overabundance of energy into making a quilt.  And, saddled with a gene for over-enthusiasm, this couldn’t be a small project.  My daughter was graduating college and this needed to be her graduation present.  This quilt needed to cover a double bed and exude all of my energy and emotion.

Orange became the prominent color since my girl, Cecelia, was graduating from Oklahoma State ---‘America’s Brightest Orange’.  Her green eyes ‘pop’ when she wears turquoise so that color needed to be included.  Her bedroom, first car and half of her wardrobe are green so that was the obvious choice for color #3. 

When you go through trials in your life, you find that the principle of ‘paying it forward’ kicks in---and comes back to you 100 fold.  My Mom helped me pick the pattern and cut the fabric.  My friends Julie and Louann taught me how to ‘fix’ my squares (topic for another blog!).  Janice lent me her sewing machine when mine broke down.  Kate spent 8 hours teaching me to use her longarm quilting machine and didn’t raise an eyebrow when I broke two needles.  Cheers came from Tracy, Wendy and Sarah as I posted my progress.

After six weeks, I landed the job, my eyes were brimming when Celia received her diploma ----and she was thrilled with the quilt.  As you can see, I used a variation of the ‘split rail’ quilt pattern and Celia is pointing to the message I embroidered into her heirloom, listing the schools she attended and a sentiment from her brother, Dad and me. 

America's Brightest Orange quilt


Quilting gave me the outlet I needed to get through a harrowing time ---and helped me show my daughter what she means to me.   Writing this blog and becoming ‘adjunct staff’ of the Primitive Star Quilt Shop helped me focus my passion and creativity.  (Thanks, Jacki!)  And my family and friends showed me that ‘what goes around, comes around’.

If you don’t want to tackle such an ambitious venture but need to inject color into your home, here are some recommendations from our quilt collections, where you will find our version of ‘America’s Brightest Orange’, turquoise that will make your eyes ‘pop’ and your favorite shade of green. 

Adria Porcelain Rose Bedding

Adria Porcelain Rose Bedding

Rochelle Beach Glass Bedding

Rochelle Beach Glass Bedding

Tierney Bedding

Tierney Bedding 


If you have any questions about our quilt collections or other products we are here to help! 

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