Accessorize with an Infinity Scarf

How do they get them to do that, I wondered as I looked at the scarves draped around my coworker’s shoulders. It lay draped in a perfect circle, never moving, never needing to be adjusted. I loop my lime green chiffon scarf around my neck, once, twice. The ends pull and I get choked. It never seems to work. I try to be fashionable, but often fall short, jumping on the bandwagon a little too late.

Finally, I ask what I’m doing wrong, and a friend giggles. Marla, a tall woman with broad shoulders removes her scarf and shows me that it’s not a scarf really at all, but a giant circle of printed fabric.

“It’s an infinity scarf,” she tells me with a quick wink and a smile. She holds is out for me to see before looping it back over her head, adjusting it until it rests in the exact same place on her shoulders. It takes mere seconds, while I’ve been fidgeting endlessly with my fabric choker.

So easy to wear, fashionable and functional, the Infinity Scarf can dress up any outfit, whether it’s for a casual date with a friend, a business meeting, or simply to keep comfortable on those days when the weather can’t make up its mind. Infinity scarves can be used as an alternative to wearing expensive or valuable jewelry.

The Infinity Scarf is easy to throw on, and the different patterns and styles can complement any outfit, even for those of us who struggle with keeping up with fashion.

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  • Jacki Alcorn
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