Treenware Replica Antique Wood Bowls, Serving Pieces Are the Perfect Christmas Gift for Many

You can usually tell quite a lot about a person by how they feel about old-timey quilts. Generally speaking, someone who finds comfort, warmth, and style in a primitive quilt will also get great pleasure out of other primitive household items such as antique wood bowls and serving pieces.

However, the odd thing about rustic wood bowls and tableware is that they appeal to many more segments of society than do traditional quilts. After all, an antique wood bowl is simple, without pattern or ornamentation, so it would do just fine on a table or a shelf in the most modern of households that is likewise made up of clean lines and simplicity. Quilts, on the other hand, with all of their patterns and colors have little business on a bed or sofa in an ultra modern home.   

Primitive Star Quilt Shop understands just how sought after certain pieces are by different types of folks. And, although we do not offer any actual antique wood serving pieces or bowls we are very proud to be able to offer a fine line of Treenware replica antique wood bowls, wood serving pieces, large scoops, candle bowls, and candle holders.

The Treenware pieces are attractive enough to be part of a mixed ensemble of bowls, plates, platters and other serving pieces or to be showcased all on their own. They are that beautiful. In fact, around half of the nearly 20 Treenware products the Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers were actually designed to serve as centerpieces during the holidays or throughout the year.

One of our most popular Treenware pieces is the Primitive Christmas Candle Centerpiece, which with its electronic mustard pillar candle and decorated pine candle ring is much more than the replica antique wood bowl it sits in. However, if you enjoy putting together your own rustic centerpiece, starting with one of our large wood bowls or large wood scoops is a wonderful idea.

Going even further down the replica antique route this winter, our Treenware replica antique wood bowls make for great Christmas gifts whether or not they are full of treats or completely empty.