How to Decorate Your Kitchen, Primitive Style

If the first thing that comes into your mind when primitive kitchen decoration gets mentioned is that it’s something that involves throwing away your microwave oven, don’t fret. Decorating your kitchen in a country, or primitive, style doesn't mean you have to throw away all of your electrical kitchen appliances and buy a wood kitchen stove. You can have the convenience of the modern and the rustic charm of the long gone times coexisting in the same place, with only a few carefully chosen items.

Let’s start with the table, or more precisely - with the tablecloth. If you want a primitive style tablecloth for your kitchen, you need to steer clear from any flashy colors. Ideally, you’ll want earthy tones, like brown, green or tan. Plaid tablecloths will also work great, but again, make sure they’re not flashy, and try to get them in the mentioned colors if you can, maybe with a dash of white.

Now let’s go to the kitchen windows. You’ll need curtains for them, and that gives you a great opportunity to country-up the kitchen some more. Tier curtains are great for kitchens, and you can install them on their own or in combination with a valance. When it comes to the design, plaid is nice but not necessary, and the earth tones are yet again desirable, but try to keep them lighter. Simple appliques near the bottom of the curtains can also add some country charm.

If you’re not too keen on changing your kitchen cabinets, appliances and kitchenware, but it still doesn’t feel country enough for you, you can try adding some decorative items. Walls will look better with berry wreaths, spices will look more primitive in mason jars. You can have a chalkboard on the wall you can use to remind yourself which groceries you need. You can have wooden decorative plates, just because they look so country.

And that’s about all you can do without having to buy new furniture for your kitchen. Still, it should be enough to give your kitchen a warm, country feeling. And who knows, maybe after some time spent cooking in it, you’ll decide that some new country style kitchen cabinets would look better than the old ones. And just maybe, you might start thinking the wood kitchen stove is not such a bad idea.