What's In Your Mason Jar?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear of Mason Jars? Canning right?  Well, that’s exactly what I think of.  My mother in law for years has meticulously maintained her garden in the summer, in order to put up tomatoes and other vegetables from the garden.  I am always in awe of how much work it takes to weed, harvest, and then can all those tomatoes and cucumbers.  It truly is a labor of love.  They are always neatly lined up on her basement shelves displaying the beautiful deep red of spaghetti sauce and greens of cucumbers and pickles.

The Mason Jar has been around since November 30, 1858 and thousands of jars are embossed with that date. The top manufacturers of Mason Jars in the U.S are Ball and Kerr and there are several different types of jars with varying closures, sizes, and colors. Over the years the Mason Jar has been a sturdy practical part of homes across America and still can be found today at flea markets, antique stores and yard sales. You can even find brand new Mason Jars in stores that are plastic instead of glass. Some stores even carry Mason Jars that have lids with straws…Genius!

But fortunately for the decorator in all of us they are no longer used just for canning purposes.  Today Mason Jars have exploded into the world of modern décor. Mason Jars are used for all sorts of things. You can upcycle them into chandeliers or lamps, make meals in jars, cookies in jars,they can be used hundreds of ways as centerpieces for weddings or other special events, you can paint the inside of Mason Jars, and spray paint the outside with all sorts of fun colors. They can be used as luminaries or lanterns and you can even google how to make your very own Mason Jar candle…the list could go on and on.

But for those of you who don’t possess a creative streak and wouldn’t consider yourself a “DIYer”, no worries. Here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop we have done the work for you and we offer several Mason Jar items.  We have adorable Mason Jar salt and pepper shakers and an itty bitty tooth pick holder.  We also have Mason Jar soap dispensers, centerpieces, and even a Mason Jar Candle lamp.

One thing for sure about Mason Jars, whether it is an antique dug out of your Grandma’s basement or one that has been recently purchased right from the store, they definitely have a charming quality about them and are always fun to use around your home.

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  • Maura Osborn
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