5 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with Quilts

5 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with Quilts

Add some warmth and country style to your home by doing some primitive country home decorating.  Whether you’re looking for a soft touch of feminine or a more rustic look to reflect both masculinity and femininity, quilts can be the perfect touch in your home. Here are some great ideas for using quilts to accent your home décor: 

  1. Decorate your room around a quilt. You may wonder if it’s possible to decorate an entire room around a single décor piece like a quilt - well, you can. In your living room, for instance, you can use the Ashmont Quilt as a throw piece on the back of the couch and match it with traditional white furniture to bring the stylish country farmhouse theme to life.




      1. Use quilts outside of the bedroom and living room. Quilts aren’t just for the living room and bedroom anymore. It’s OK to use quilts to enhance the primitive country home decoration throughout the house. Why not use a quilt in the dining room? Think about draping the dining room table with a quilted throw or even hanging a quilt on the dining room wall for an effortless, rustic look. The Abilene Star quilts rich tones would be an excellent option to bring a warm atmosphere to your dining room.

         Abilene Quilted Bedding


        1. Take your quilts outside. Quilts can be perfect for the sun room or a covered porch. The Primitive Star Quilted Throw draped and paired with our Primitive Star Quilted 16" Pillow atop wicker patio furniture will transport you to another era. 
                1. Make a quilt the focal point of your living room. Do you have a TV hanging above your fireplace? If not, why not hang a quilt? Instead of a TV, hang a quilt above your fireplace to make a striking statement and focal point in your living room. Don’t have a fireplace? Hang a few quilts on the walls. You don’t have to have one big quilt, hang a few quilts in coordinating patterns to bring a little color to your living room walls.
                1. Use modern quilt designs for a new spin on country décor. Country decorating doesn’t have to be all muted earth tone colors and traditional designs. You can go more modern with splashes of color and unique designs like the Everly Bedding with its bold, bright colors in a cathedral pattern. If you’re looking for modern, monochromatic schemes, try the Aubree Smoke Bedding; a soft satin grey with a subtle diamond pattern is a classic yet modern touch to any room. Match it with black furniture for an interesting combination of classic and modern.

                                  Quilts are perfect for enhancing your primitive country home décor, but you don’t have to be constrained with the traditional way of decorating your home. As you see from these 5 tips, you can use quilts in many ways throughout your home and even outside of your home. Quilts aren’t just for the bed anymore. We hope that these tips help you make the perfect primitive country home.

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