5 Tips to Create the Perfect Country Kitchen

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Country Kitchen

Country and rustic style is all the rage right now. Whether you live in the suburbs or rural areas, country décor is one of the most cherished American decorating styles, especially in the kitchen. We all long to recreate our grandmother’s kitchen. What better way than to decorate it in an old country style?

Country kitchens are all about a mixture of textures—from the windows to the countertops and from the walls to the cabinets. Wood, fabric, and traditional metals like tin are common elements used in country kitchens. Here are 5 tips to help you create the perfect country kitchen. 

  1. Use a pitcher or coal bin as a utensil crock.

More and more people are using crocks to store their kitchen utensils rather than keeping them in drawers. Keeping the utensils on the kitchen counter makes them easily accessible when making your big family meals. While there are several kinds of crocks out there to choose from, when you are aiming for a country kitchen theme, it’s best to stick with more rustic options like our Barn Roof Coal Bin or Barn Pitcher. These items are made out of barn roof tin which makes it a great addition to your kitchen and echoes the country kitchen theme.

  1. Accent your windows with prairie swag.

Country print curtains or swag are essential to create that picturesque country kitchen you’re looking for. Country kitchen curtains are not strictly just rooster and apple prints anymore.  Now, country curtains come in plaid or gingham designs like our prairie swag curtains that give your kitchen that country feel without pigeon-holing your décor to specific fruit or animals. The prairie print is the perfect accent, giving your kitchen that instant country kitchen look. Hint: Remember to keep in mind the current color scheme of your kitchen when choosing country curtains.

  1. Display primitive plates on the walls.

Antiquing adds a hint of femininity to your country kitchen. Country décor is a fabulous mixture of textiles, paint, and accessories. By choosing antique accessories like our primitive plates, you can add a chic elegance to your kitchen and still maintain the country theme. Hanging plates on the walls give your kitchen personality and brings the country theme together.

  1. Decorate the top of your upper cabinets with garland and candles.

Decorating the tops of your cabinets is a good way to make a big statement by creating a focal point in your kitchen. Some good examples of cabinet accents that fit into the country theme include framed art, rustic centerpieces, garland, glass milk bottles, old ceramic whisky jugs and any other farm pieces.

  1. Use Mason Jars.

Although you may remember your grandmother making her homemade jams and storing them in mason jars, mason jars are not just for canning anymore. Mason jars have become a new shabby chic accessory to home décor. To bring out the country theme in your kitchen, try using mason jars as accessories from the sink to the table to the window sill

From rustic accessories to window curtains, there is so much that can be added to your kitchen décor to transform it into the perfect country kitchen. The trick is adding accessories and finding a creative way to display them, accentuating the warm country feel. We hope these 5 tips will help you achieve the traditional country kitchen of your dreams.