How to Use Wreaths to Deck Your Table for the Holidays

How to Use Wreaths to Deck Your Table for the Holidays

Wreaths aren’t just for the door anymore. Get into the Christmas spirit by
decorating your dining room in beautiful wreaths. Our Christmas wreath ideas blend traditional with creative to revamp the whole idea of how to decorate your home with wreaths. 

If you want to transform your dining room from plain to Christmas spectacular, don’t feel constrained to the traditional centerpieces or table cloths. Break away from tradition with our Christmas wreath ideas and try using these 4 tips to add unexpected shapes, colors and materials to give your dining room a unique look that your friends and family are sure to be complimenting you on.

  1. Centerpieces: You can use a wreath to make a pretty and festive table centerpiece for your Christmas table. To set the seasonal ambience, try using our Primitive Christmas Wreath with Jingle Bells with Burgundy Pip Berries as the centerpiece. The lights on the wreath are battery-operated, making it perfect to use on the table. Place a glass cake stand in the center of the wreath and top with a few Burnt Mustard Tea Lights, arrange 2-3 Everlasting Vanilla Pillar Candles or arrange a few of each to give varying heights. For the finishing touch, add a few pine cones around the candles.
  2. Chairs: Turn your dining room chairs into Christmas decorations with a few yards of wired burlap ribbon and a Primitive Twig Pine Wreath. Wrap the back of the chair with the burlap ribbon and use it to tie the wreath to the back of the chair. When you tie the wreath, be sure to top it off with a pretty burlap bow. Hint: Here’s a great how-to video to make the perfect burlap bow.
  3. Chandelier: Imagine this – using a wreath to decorate your chandelier or light fixture. Using the Primitive Christmas Wreath with Jingle Bells with Burgundy Pip Berries adds to the coziness of your Christmas dining room. Fix the wreath around the chandelier, where the greenery is facing downward toward the table. Be sure to separate the branches in several directions to make the wreath look fuller and to conceal the wreath backing. Complete the look by weaving some red wired ribbon through the greenery and hanging ornaments from the wreath.
  4. Hang on the interior: If you’re like us, you have a huge spread for your Christmas gatherings with pies and cakes spread across your buffet or sideboard. This is the perfect place to bring a little Christmas spirit into your dining room. Hang a Christmas wreath above the buffet to accent your dining room wall.

Using Christmas wreaths any place other than your door makes your house interesting and unique.  Break away from the traditional and show off your personality by placing your Christmas wreaths throughout your dining room to transform it into the picturesque Christmas backdrop for your family and friends.

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