How to Repurpose Vintage Bowls and Plates into Tiered Stands

Tiered stands can be made in a couple of different ways, often using glue to hold all the pieces together. However, glue isn’t always the sturdiest, so here is what we think is a better method to create a tiered stand using a choice of treenware, Burgundy Star Cut Out Plates, and Rustic Star Plates.

What You Will Need

The best idea is to use a larger bowl for the bottom of your stand and then smaller bowls as you work up in tiers.

You’re also going to need something stronger for the spindle – the part that connects each bowl or plate together. You can use whatever your imagination desires, really, from a section of an antique bed headboard to fancy chair legs – there’s no limit to the choices.

Start With the Spindle

Decide what height you want between the top and lower bowl and then cut the spindle to size. If one end of the spindle tends to be tapered, just cut where it is wide enough to get a screw into.

You’re going to need to use double ended threaded screws. Also, you’ll want to get a chrome trim screw. These come in varying lengths and have a finish washer just under the screw head. The washer works to keep the screw head from going right through the bowl.

Start Drilling

The next step is to drill pilot holes in the middle of the wooden bases as well as the bowls. If you’re not sure how to find the center, there’s a great tutorial here.

When you drill the hole through the bowls, remember to put an old piece of wood underneath. Since the spindle is smaller, you can try “eyeballing” the center and then drilling the pilot hole.

Painting and Assembling

Paint the spindle and leave it to dry. Then it is time to assemble your tiered stand.

Hold the double-ended screw using pliers and thread one end into your spindle. Leave just enough of the other end of the screw exposed so you can thread it into the larger base without it protruding outside of it.

Once the screw has been threaded through, fill the remainder of the pilot hole using wood putty and then touching it up with the right color paint once the putty has dried.

Finally, insert the chrome trim screw inside the smaller bowl and into the pilot hole on the end of your spindle. Remember to tighten the screw in place.

And There You Have It!

That’s your tier stand done, so all that’s left to do is fill it up. You can use tiered stands in pretty much any room of the house as a center piece or to help conserve counter space when used as storage.

Rustic plates as a tier stand make for a great focal point in your rustic home. This primitive country home decorating idea will come in handy, no matter where you choose to place it.

If DIY is not for you - 

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