The Ultimate List of Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

Shabby chic is the perfect theme for a wedding. Whether you want to buy your décor or DIY some
pieces, guests are sure to immerse themselves in your ideas.

Shabby Chic Color Schemes

Let’s discuss color first. Shabby chic allows a great deal of freedom, typically comprising plenty of pastels accompanied by a deep color that adds to the rustic feel and contrasts beautifully.

To get the creative juices flowing, take a look online for some great color scheme ideas for your wedding.

Shabby chic is the ideal palette for the bride who wants to be “girly” without being over the top pink. It’s all about classic pastel hues, grouped with earthy shades to add a more natural feel to your special day.

The feminine tones of such a color scheme have become popular choices with couples since they really do create the perfect blend of pretty, shabby awesomeness.

You don’t need to be a lover of pink, though, you can still pull off the theme without it by using cool pastel blues along with deep browns and a splash of gold for added warmth.

For a more “earthy” feel to your shabby chic theme, add deep blues and greens that can be accompanied by light lavender and pastel purples.

Pretty much most pastel shades can work as long as you include a couple of deep hues of that specific color. Keep in mind you want to create an antique and somewhat distressed look.


Let’s be honest, lighting really does create the ambience on your special day. For this theme you can choose some lovely taper candles and candle holders or even mason jars dotted around the venue for a truly romantic feel.


Chalkboards are so versatile. You can use them to point guests in the direction of the venue or reception room, to name and number tables, to write menus on, or even in a photo booth as a prop for guests to write messages to you and your new spouse. To tie in with your shabby chic theme, choose distressed or antique frames for the chalkboards.

Lighted Twigs and Garlands

Lighted twigs and garlands are the perfect idea for table lighting. Use garlands to softly outline the head table while twigs make for beautiful center pieces.

Tin Primitives

From rusty star plates for serving to pitchers of water on the table, these finishing touches tie in perfectly with your theme.

Table Décor

Finally, you’ll want to bring your entire table décor together to fit in with shabby chic. Well-chosen table cloths, complimentary runners and matching table mats will complete the look at your venue.

Tying it all Together

Planning a wedding is stressful. Choose your color scheme and décor and then sit back and relax as your shabby chic theme comes together. Even better, create a check list of those must-have items and tick it off as you buy them. In fact, Primitive Star Quilt Shop could be your one-stop décor shop for your wedding pieces.