Different Window Treatments for Different Rooms


Whether you want to remodel your entire home or freshen up a single room, new window treatments offer the perfect opportunity to reshape your space. Create a chic café kitchen with country curtains or an inviting living room with the help of primitive curtains. Choosing the right window treatment can seem daunting, so here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Privacy is probably your main concern for the bathroom. Go for drapes with tie backs and natural fiber shades and choose a shower curtain to fit in with your décor. If your bathroom windows already have blinds for privacy, consider simply adding a coordinating valance.


When it comes to window treatments for your bedroom, you’ll want to find a solution that balances the blocking of light with not rendering the room completely dark. Block out curtains are an obvious choice but they can block light during the day. Even if you opt for shutters or shades, you can still dress your bedroom windows with primitive curtains to create a warm, elegant environment.

Children’s Bedroom

When considering window treatments for a child’s bedroom, you need to remember that chains and cords that are common with blinds can be hazardous. Children can get tangled in the cords and link chains pose a choking hazard. Homely country curtains are cordless, warm and decorative.

Living Room


black check panel curtainsThis is probably the most versatile and varied room in your home, so choosing window treatments can be such fun. Since this area is usually a gathering place for friends and family, the tendency is to pick something that will look best from an aesthetic point of view. However, form and function should suit your needs, too.

Sheer curtains that match your sofas but possibly leave guests hot and blinded by the sun may not be ideal for a sun-facing living room. However, if you want to save on the energy bills while making your room look good, panel curtains could be just the thing you’re looking for.


As for selecting the right window treatments for a kitchen, keep two words in mind: grease stains. The kitchen is your hub of activity so window treatments have a tough job to do. Finding curtains
to keep the kitchen cool, can be wiped or washed easily and won’t require loads of chains or cords can be a tall order. If your kitchen doesn’t necessitate a full curtain, valances could work well to add ambience and block out just enough sun.

Skylights and Hallways

These are tricky areas in a home that need quality window treatments, Blinds, shades and primitive curtains are all great options instead of leaving the area bare.

Start Shopping

Now you have an idea of which options will work well in which rooms, it’s time to start shopping.

Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers a wide range of window treatments including valances, tier curtains, panel curtains, prairie swag curtains and more. Take a look at our online store and find the right curtains along with complementary country bedding and quilted throws today.

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    On the cheston scalloped cutains for $31.95 are they on sale or a discount? I want to order for 4 windows. thank you.

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