Farming is a Family Lifestyle That Combines Work and Play

When I think of farm life so many things come to mind. The big farmhouse is always #1 with it's giant wrap around porch and sweeping pastures. A big giant red barn would be another vision I have in my head with a split rail fence that holds cows, a few horses, and maybe goats or pigs. Also, a chicken coop...a farm HAS to have a chicken coop right? Ohhh, and a have to have a garden if you're a farmer. After all, farmers feed all the people.

I did not grow up on a farm. In fact, you could say I'm kind of a city dweller as we have never even lived out in the country. And our feeble attempts at even a garden have been weak at best but farm life has always intrigued me. There's just something that seems so simple and pure about working the land and kicking up dust, getting dirty and tending to animals, and harvesting crops not just for your family but for others as well.

We live in the Midwest and farm life is all around me. One of the things I love about the Midwest is watching the tractors plant during springtime and harvest in the autumn. Often times I take back roads to have lunch with my husband who works in Amish country. I love traveling the narrow roads filled with Amish farms. The neatly manicured lawns with giant maples and weeping willow trees, the large colorful gardens, and the clean laundry hanging from clothes lines draws me in and makes me wonder how much simpler life would be on a farm. Now don't get me wrong I know farm life is not easy. Late nights feeding animals and early mornings doing chores...year round. Snow, rain, doesn't matter. There is no beginning and no end to farm life...there is always something to be fixed or another chore to be done. Carissa, a friend that grew up on her family farm says, "Chores are an unending to do list. There are always plenty of projects needing done." I know I've heard farmers talk about their concern for too much or too little rain, not enough sun, or pests that can ruin their beloved crops. The fear and concern is ever present for a farmer. Many years their livelihood is on the line and they are at the mercy of the weather.


Farm House Rules Tea Towel

It isn't just the landscape that appeals to me's the fact that it takes a whole family to run a farm. Parents, children, and a lot of times even grandparents, Uncles and Aunts...especially if it's a farm that has been around for generations. It keeps families together and intact. I think maybe there's a saying out there that goes something like this... "A family who works together, stays together". I think there's a lot of truth to that and I find it so amazing, especially in a world where technology has taken over every aspect of our lives."The farmhouse is always open. It's an all night diner, and early riser breakfast cafe. Farming is a lifestyle. The farmhouse is a place for work and play," says Carissa. How awesome is that?  The lure of working and living on a farm is definitely strong for me. To be able to work all day with family and then eat together late at night around a big farm table sounds so like a life to be envied in this modern age. Over the years I have met many farmers and their wives and can I also say that many times their hospitality is bar none.

And speaking of all this work talk. I mean back breaking, bone chilling, messy mucky work provides all sorts of teaching and training for the littles. I have met countless dedicated young people who have grown up on farms that have a dedicated work ethic. They juggle school, sports, and farm life which leaves little room for other social endeavors. Not only do farm kids stand out for their work ethic but many times they also stand out for their manners and outstanding respect for authority. It's just a way of life for them but something that stands out to complete strangers.


Sawyer Mill Charcoal Farmhouse Pillow 14x22"

So again, I don't live on a farm and I don't even have any hands on experience on a farm so all of these thoughts are pretty random really. These are just things I've observed and even at times wished for. So let's talk about farmhouses and decor. I know a little more about that. Now I realize the big hype about farmhouse decor is not really a true depiction of an actual farmhouse on an actual farm. There are probably some people who live on a farm who in fact have farmhouses that look like the ones right out of a magazine but around these parts most farmhouses are old and lived in and functional. But for those who wish to dream and would like the farmhouse look without living on a farm..I gotchu. With anyone of these design details...dark wood floors, light colored walls, a lot of wood, a lot of white, industrial decorative elements, and a touch of farm artwork you could be on your way to that farmhouse feel without actually living on a farm. How bout that? And at Primitive Star Quilt Shop we can get you started with farmhouse pillows, throws, shower curtains, placemats, tea towels and much more. 



Sawyer Mill Red Farmhouse Living Pillow 18"


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