So What is "Primitive" Anyway?

So What is “Primitive” Anyway? 

Close your eyes and imagine the word ‘warm’.  What comes to mind? 

The crackling warmth of a fireplace?

Wrapping up in a quilt or afghan?

Curling up in a soft chair with a copy of “Outlander”?

Create that warm, inviting, simplistic place that you never want to leave.  This place that touches your soul is called ‘primitive’.

Here’s what your primitive home might include:

  • Earthy colors
  • Rough-hewn or simple furniture
  • Antique pieces
  • Wooden signs
  • Pottery
  • Pip berry garland
  • Crows, dolls, sheep, willow trees
  • Angels, barn stars, salt box houses
  • Pictures that remind you of family
  • Elements of the outdoors such as twig wreaths

The possibilities go on and on.  You might want a little bit of primitive style ---or a lot.

Want to add your own homemade primitive elements?  Yankee ingenuity will certainly strike when you follow Crystal Adkins’s tutorial for making barn stars out of aluminum cans or a rag doll garland out of scrap material! 

Rag Doll Garland

Here's an example of Crystal Adkins’s Rag Doll Garland.  You can read her tutorial if you want to try it out for yourself.

Primitive can also be ‘repurposing’, such as combining this old door and table together, as Melina Divani suggests at  See more of Melina’s primitive decorating ideas to get you started.  

Primitive Wood Door

Of course, Primitive Star Quilt Shop provides you with many great options that can bring warmth and simplicity to your space.  To create more primitive comfort in your home, tour our store and while you are browsing, check out our quilts along with decor accents from our farmhouse and wood primitives collections.

What other elements have you found that add a perfect primitive touch to your home decorating? Share your thoughts with us below.

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