Decorate Your Home With Our Primitive Country Farmhouse Style

Primitive Star Quilt Shop is a great place to shop when you want to create a beautiful home with a primitive country style. We understand that hearing the words “home decorating” can mean different things to different people.  It can make some people get all excited and giddy as they seek to create a specific style, plan a color scheme and rearrange furniture to prepare. At the same time, other folks get squirmy in their chair and hope no one asks if they have a style. Even in kindergarten they didn’t know how to answer the question “What’s YOUR favorite color?” 

No matter where you fit on the scale of home-decorating-comfortability, we would love to help create a beautiful home that complements your personality and values. One you can entertain in and enjoy for years to come.

Jacki and the rest of the girls in the office desire to provide you with excellent, personal and timely service, treating you the way we would want to be treated when we shop online.







The Way You Like It

Each time we choose new decor products to offer, we do so with you in mind. We listen to what you want and strive to bring you more of what you love! We've designed our site to be user friendly and give you a pleasant shopping experience. Whether you're just starting to create your own space at age 22 or you'd like to "freshen things up a bit" at age 82, we can help you make your house into a beautiful primitive country home!

Mission and Values

How an Anniversary Gift Took Us Somewhere Unexpected

Back in the day, a typical anniversary for Jacki and her husband usually revolved around dinner out and a visit to a home improvement store. However, for their 25th anniversary in 2010, they decided go all out and purchase a new bedding set. They loved the quilt they purchased so much that they wanted to begin selling it so others could enjoy it too. One thing led to another and, after a few months, Primitive Star Quilt Shop was launched. Check out the full story here.

A Growing Team - 20,007 Strong

In 2010, we had one employee and served approximately 300 customers. Today, we have a team of 7 ladies that have served almost 20,000 customers. We so appreciate our satisfied customers choosing to shop with us and share their experiences with others.

Customer growth since 2010

A Personal Note From Jacki

I have always loved to create! It is so rewarding to watch something come to shape in front of me. The first time I remember selling my creations was in elementary school. My dad saw the macrame bracelets I was working on and suggested I try to sell them somewhere. He contacted a local boutique and I guess that's when I first became a business woman.

I have since moved from hand creations to creating an online store for primitive country lovers to find special home decor treasures.

I am very thankful that God has blessed me with such a supportive family. Growing up, my parents were my biggest cheerleaders, motivating me to act on my thoughts and ideas. My husband and children have also invested their love, advice and support over the years, helping me continue to pursue growing Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

I look forward to what the future holds for the quilt shop and all of the opportunities I will have to bring warmth and charm into the homes of others.