Bedroom Makeover Challenge

 Bedroom Makeover Challenge


 Join us during our FREE Bedroom Makeover Challenge!

Starting Monday, May 29th

We hear phrases like this all the time...
"Do those pillows go with my quilt?"
"What do you recommend for curtains?"
"Do you think it will match my paint?"
Does that sound familiar?
Does the fear of messing it up keep you from a much needed bedroom update?

We have a Challenge for YOU!
Sign Up Below and...

In 6 days, we will help you create a plan for "your most comfortable bedroom ever!"
We will walk you through the decision process every step of the way. Even if you don't have a decorating bone in your body... YOU can do this challenge!  

It all starts Monday, May 29th! 

The challenge ends Monday, June 5th.

( For those of you struggling because you realize that equals more than 6 days, you will be glad to know we will take the weekend of  June 3rd and 4th off! )
Each day of the challenge, we'll take you through small steps, giving you the motivation and advice you need to think through your room makeover. You will probably want to allow about 15-20 minutes for each day.
if you happen to miss a day, the worksheets and videos do not expire. You will be able to catch up the next day.
We will also have a private Facebook group with live Q and A video.
 At the end of the challenge, you'll have a new vision and a concrete plan! You will be ready to tackle your bedroom makeover!

Here's how others were encouraged during our Challenge...


~ Kayla B. from Winona Lake, IN ~

"Considering foundation, furniture, and accents are important. I was amazed at even though I wouldn't have said I desperately need to update my bedroom, I found that I had an underlying dislike for it and really needed to freshen it up!! And, I am excited to do so! It also opened my eyes to how I look at my other rooms and potential changes :)"



~ Cindy S. from Pulaski, VA ~

"It really gave me an idea of where to focus. I enjoyed the videos because it's not just reading instructions on paper. I like the live Facebook chat to be able to ask additional questions. Breaking the information down each day helped to concentrate on one thing, therefor pulling it altogether at the end. I don't look at it as a challenge, but as an educational experience."

So...What are YOU waiting for?