Day Four - Bedroom Makeover Challenge

Day FourColor, Color, Color

 "Sometimes all you need is little SPLASH of COLOR"

We have some fun tips to share with you today as we make some final decisions about the color scheme for your bedroom.
Print off or download the worksheet for Day Four and follow along with our video. 
Day Four Worksheet 

It's definitely time to narrow down your favorite color theme.

Let's explore color together!

We are nearing the end of our challenge.

It's time to make some decisions.


Have you been able to determine what bedding and curtains you want to use?  If you have two options, then we suggest printing off two worksheets and be ready to make a plan for each.


You will need to know your bedding color scheme when picking out paint colors
Keep in mind that it's always best to have your textiles in hand, including curtains and rugs before actually buying the paint. Even if your worksheet is incomplete as far as a detailed paint color, that is OK. Having a rough idea of what color to paint the walls is what is important.


Decide if you want an accent wall or if you want to paint any of your current furniture. 
Again, the app I talked about is called Color Snap Visualizer. 
You might also check out Benjamin Moore's Color Trends.
10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Color
You can READ the transcripts of today's video HERE.

Enjoy all the COLOR around you today!