Day Four Video Content

Congratulations on making it though the halfway point of our Bedroom Makeover Challenge! We are already on Day 4 and after today it will be a smooth coast to the finish!


Color! Is one of my favorite topics! By this time in the challenge you have had lots of opportunities to think color. We started on Day one getting a rough idea of your go to color choices. And then as we were working through Day two and three, you can’t think about the textiles in your room without picturing a color.


Today is the day to really nail down your color scheme. We’ve been prepping you for this moment all along. Hopefully you have had a chance to decide what items in your room you want to keep and reuse and what items you put on your need to be replaced list.


If new bedding is on your list, I trust you have had a chance to browse through our Facebook albums or the bedding collections on our website. We have close to 100 different bedding collections and they come in everything from bold and bright to light and airy. We have patchwork, solid colors and fun prints. Our quilts are sold in twin, queen, king and luxury king. I am probably a little biased here but I think we probably have something for everyone.


So now, we are pretty much at the point where you need to decide what your bedding is going to be. As most of you have expressed, the quilt does naturally become one of the main focal points in the room.


So, on your worksheet fill in the color of your bedding whether you are keeping what you have or planning to get new. If you want to buy bedding and you know that exact collection you want to use then be as detailed as possible.  If you can’t narrow it down yet and you have two favorites – then my suggestion at this point is to print off two of the Day Four worksheets so you can have a plan for both options. This might seem like a lot of extra work but fleshing it out on paper might help you come to a conclusion.


Do the same for curtains and any rugs you might have. I also gave you space to write down some accent pillow colors and styles. And even though we haven’t talked about it much, you might have a large piece of artwork that is the focal point of your room and you want everything else to fill in the cracks around that statement piece. Be sure to include that on your worksheet as well and define the colors that stand out.


Ok with all of that taken care of, it is time to talk paint! Most of you probably already have your go to paint store and have determined which brand you like the best. I really like the paint I get from our local hardware store. They are able to use paint swatch numbers from places like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore or others and match the colors for me.


OK since we are talking about Sherwin Williams – we found an awesome app to help with colors. Seriously this is so exciting in my opinion! It is called Color Snap Visualizer. Ok so you really might want to pause the video right now and go find it and download it on your phone. It’s OK, I’ll be here when you come back and we can walk through it together. Again it is called Color Snap Visualizer.


Now if you are like some of us you might need to wait until the next time you see your daughter or grandson so they can show you how to get an app on your phone.  That is OK too. I get it!


So this app is super fun! It has several features. First of all , you can explore all of their color swatches. When you zoom in on the color swatches it actually shows you a room painted in that color. It also has a paint calculator to use to know how much paint to purchase. You just enter in wall sizes, how many doors etc and it will tell you how many gallons you need. My favorite part of the app is the part called “Match a photo” This part is so cool! You can either snap a new picture or take one from your camera roll, which could be a screen shot from a website you like to shop. You can also go right to your saved pinterest boards and pick one of your pins. Once you choose that the image you want, it will give you the option to resize it and zoom in. Once your sizing is done it automatically populates about 6 or 7 paint colors that coordinate with the image. Those paint colors show up in a palette along the bottom of the image you have chosen so you can see the entire color palette that it suggests for you. You can also tap on a portion of the image and get a new color or you can create a whole new palette.


This is great not only for wall color options but also for accent colors if you have a painted headboard or other furniture. Now, I want to caution you that you still need to head to the store and bring home the actual paint swatch the app suggests for you. Don’t get impatient and just order the color it suggests. The main reason is because of how different a picture might look compared to the actual pieces because of lighting.  If you are purchasing new bedding, curtains or rugs, I definitely recommend waiting to purchase paint until you have some of the pieces that you can compare with the paint swatch options. That way you know you have a good match.


Another helpful tool that is much less techie is one from Benjamin Moore. They have a pamphlet called COLOR TRENDS. They take the top color trends of the year and put them together in a nice booklet with photography of various rooms using these popular colors. 


As I review the colors of the year, there are many colors that coordinate super well with several or our current quilts. Can I just say that this gives me a lot of confidence in our bedding suppliers! They have done their homework and have taken great care to produce bedding collections that have color combinations that are “trending now” if you will. And they also create new bedding collection about every six months so you will find we always have something fresh on our website.


Again, always get a swatch and have your bedding and curtains in hand before you make a final decision on the color to paint your walls, accent walls or even accent pieces like headboards, desks or dressers.


Get all your ideas on your worksheet and share it with our group.


I am really enjoying our interaction on Facebook.  I just want to say I am so impressed with how thoroughly you are filling out your worksheets and the ways you are thinking through and making a plan for each day’s topic. It is so fun to see your progress!


Tomorrow we will be talking about the various pieces of furniture in the room and then on the last day we will fill in the gaps with personal touch details, lighting and wall décor.


Ok take care and enjoy the rest of your day.