Day One - Bedroom Makeover Challenge

Day OneWarmth and Atmosphere

Once you have your Day One Worksheet printed off you are ready to begin!

I have found that some people are more comfortable printing two copies so you have one for "thinking out loud" and brainstorming and one that has finalized details. Just do whatever works for you. 

Or, if you prefer you can choose to download it, save it and then edit the PDF document from your phone or computer.

  Day One Worksheet

OK! Let's get started!
Watch the Day One video as we fill out the worksheet together.

Today, we're going to pinpoint the atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom.

First of all...

Have you decided which room in your house needs a fresh makeover? Is it your master bedroom that is in need of attention? Do you have a kids room that is screaming for a change? Or possibly, your focus need to be on your guest room?


Think about all of the ways you use the room. When you come home at night, what do you want your room to feel like? Is the room used for sleeping only or does it serve other purposes?


What's your style? This is huge! As you think about the atmosphere you want to create, it will be easier if you give your style some sort of label. Do you like simple lines or patterns? Bold colors or more subtle ones? Farmhouse, country, eclectic, coastal and so on. We have taken our bedding inventory and divided it into different style albums in our private Facebook group. This might help you determine what look you like and what style you will want to consider.


The foundation. What elements are already built into the room? Tall ceilings, painted or paneled walls, carpet or wood floors, how many windows and what size? Now is also the time to start to think about color. What colors make you happy and feel the most cozy to you? 

You can also READ all of the Day One video content HERE.


Once you have your Day One worksheet filled out, head on over to our Facebook page and either upload it or snap a picture of it and share it with all of us! 
 Being active is going to make this challenge so much more fun and will help motivate you to carry it out for the remaining 5 days. The reward will be worth it! You will have a action plan for your next bedroom makeover.

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