Day One Video Content

Today is the day! We are starting the bedroom makeover challenge here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. If you haven’t already, Go ahead and print off the worksheet for Day One as we will be using it during this video.


Hopefully by now you have been able narrow down and decide which room you are going to makeover. If you still need help in that area, think about these factors.


When was the last time you added a new quilt or gave a fresh coat of paint to one of your bedrooms? Is there one that is kind of an eye sore when you walk by it? Is there a natural “need for a change” in one of your bedrooms? This could be a little girl turning into a teenager, or your college age son is moving out. Possibly the number of grandkids you have is growing, maybe you are expecting a visit from friends in the near future and the guest room needs some serious attention.


I want to tell you about my game changing bedroom makeover back in 2010.

My husband and I were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We decided it was time to get a new quilt set for our room.  We live in an older home and Jon and I both love antiques so I went on a search for a patchwork quilt.


Well… In my search for a quilt, I discovered VHC Brands and all of their beautiful bedding collections! We choose the Kettle Grove quilt for our room and got matching pillows and curtains!  I fell in love with the quilt we had purchased. Now at this time, I had an online business called Hearthside Collection featuring many of my handmade items and I was always on the lookout for ways to expand my product line. After seeing the Kettle Grove bedding collection in person, I knew that I needed to become a dealer of VHC’s beautiful quilts. I immediately began working on creating a new website and Primitive Star Quilt Shop was launched in August of 2010! Best decision ever! I love being able offer such an amazing variety of quilted bedding collections to my customers and help them create a warm and inviting home. We have since merged Hearthside Collection with PSQS. But that is that a whole story in itself, for another time.


Ok so back to your decision. Choose the room you want to makeover and get it down on paper!


Next, I want to talk about functionality. How do you typically use the room? Is it the family gathering place for late night talks? Does it end up being more of a home theatre with large screen TV’s and electronics? Maybe your bedroom doubles as an office and so you need to allow space for a desk. Is your room open to all your family members, very welcoming and lived in or are you more comfortable with a refined showroom that has hospital cornered bed sheets and perfectly fluffed pillows at any given moment of the day. Of course, as I put on my grandma hat, I keep hearing the phrase “no more monkies jumping on the bed” roll through my mind.


Know what works for you and your situation and write down the main uses for your room.


Now let’s talk style! Do you know what your style is? How do you describe the way you decorate? For some of you this is going to be super easy! You can name it right now! Farmhouse, country, primitive, shabby chic, rustic, elegant, eclectic, cozy, romantic. But I am going to assume that some of you have never given the word “style” a thought. And that is OK!. Maybe you are just a relaxed mix of early-American-goodwill-hand-me down-sentimental-thrift. That’s perfect too! 


We put a sampling of our bedding inventory into different style albums in our private Facebook group. This might help you determine what look you like and what style you will want to consider.


Do your best to name your favorite style and keep filling out your Day One worksheet.


Now I want you to take a good look at your room and, in your mind at least, remove all the clutter, and furniture. What is does the foundation of your room look like? How tall are the ceilings? What are the walls? Are they painted, paneled or wallpapered? How about your baseboards? Are they wood or painted? Does your room have carpet or wood floor?


I also want you to start to define your color scheme. We will talk about this several times as we go along with a big focus on paint colors on day four. However, it’s going to be important that you always keep color in mind as we work through this challenge. For me personally, color is probably my biggest factor in planning a room and it’s theme. So really take some time and consider what colors you always migrate to in your home décor? What’s your color personality? Do you favor brights, lights or darker colors?


OK finish filling out your worksheet and get a few of your favorite colors on paper. If you can narrow it down to one color pallet that’s great. But its also ok give yourself some options and write down a couple of your favorite choices. We will fine tune your color scheme as we work through this challenge in our next several days together.


Ok ladies you are off on your journey to create a bedroom makeover plan! I am glad you have chosen to join me on this challenge and I am looking forward to working with you each day.


We will be giving away some prizes this week and so you will want to be active during this challenge.


For starters: Take a picture of your filled out worksheet and hop on over to our private Facebook group designed just for people taking this challenge. Post a picture of your worksheet so we can see your progress and encourage each other. Do you really want to make a transformation in your bedroom? I thought so. Posting your picture will be good accountability for you and will make our challenge so much more fun! And besides, aren’t you just dying to know what everyone else is doing? Of course! So someone has to be the first to post. Go for it.


If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet you can find the link at the bottom of this page when the video is over.


If you already signed up and now can’t figure out how to find that Facebook group page again – I can help with that. From a desktop, when on your home page, find groups in the left hand column. Click on it and make sure you have clicked on the word “groups” and not “discover” on the top left. Scroll down to “Your groups” and viola! You will see our group if you have already joined.


Share something about our challenge on your own Facebook page. Be sure to use #Bedroommakeoverchallenge whenever you talk about our week so I can see who is posting. Feel free to share on Instagram as well.


If you have any questions during the challenge, use our Facebook group. It will be fun to interact and learn from each other this week.


Ok that is all for today. Thanks so much for joining us and we are looking forward to Day Two!