Day Six - Bedroom Makeover Challenge

 Day SixFinishing Touches

Download the Day Six worksheet and get ready the final day of our Bedroom Makeover Challenge.

Day Six Worksheet
Today we are going to talk about adding the finishing touches to your Bedroom Makeover plan.

It's the little things that make such a big difference!


Think about incorporating some sentimental items or special heirloom pieces into your room. Remember, it's your room so make it as personal as possible. 


Greenery adds so much! Whether you choose to use live plants or silk ones, adding some pops of colors with plants or flowers will bring new life to your room.


Consider your wall decor and lighting. You may have a large piece of artwork to hang above your bed or maybe you would enjoy putting together a gallery wall. If your room needs some more subtle lighting, try including lamps on your nightstand or dresser.


Think about all the necessities that you want to have close at hand and be sure to put them next to the bed. You might include things like tissues, a phone charger and a glass of water.

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