Day Six Video Content

Today is the last day of our Bedroom Makeover Challenge


Let’s review what you have accomplished in the last week. You’ve given thought to the foundation of your room and decided what style you are going for. You’ve determined the textiles you already have and what you need to purchase, setting a budget for those items. You have narrowed down your color scheme and chosen your go to paint colors. You have taken inventory of the furniture and considered if you need a room layout change. Some of you are planning some DIY projects with accent pieces. Way to GO! I love seeing all the hard work you have put in to filling out your worksheets. It’s also so fun to watch your enthusiasm as you create your plan!


Today, we have just a few finishing touches to talk about as we tie it all together. Get your worksheet handy and be ready to fill it in as you determine what you want to include in your room.


First, consider any personal or sentimental items that you want to include in your bedroom. Maybe you have one of those antique wash bowl and pitchers that belonged to a family member that you want to add to your dresser top. Maybe you are an artist and you want to include some of your own work. I know I inherited an antique wood clothes drying rack from my grandparents. It hangs on the wall and spreads out like a fan. I added that to my bedroom about a year ago as a way to organize my scarves. I just love it and it’s really practical too!


Second, consider live plants or use silk greenery or florals in a basket, vase or galvanized piece. We recently added some plants to our bedroom. I did some research a few months back and there are several plants that promote sleep. We have spider plants and aloe vera plants in our room and I can tell a difference especially right after watering them. I was sharing this with a group of ladies a while ago and one suggested dividing the plants and keeping them at alternate watering schedules so there are more days in the week with newly watered plants. That is on my list of things to do in my bedroom.


Next take a survey of your wall décor. Does it need an update?  Do you prefer small groupings with several items, or one large statement piece? Consider a gallery wall instead of a headboard.  You also want to think about placement of wall hangings. They recommend the center of a piece of art be at 57” apparently that is the average height of most people’s eyes. You might also have to give special consideration if you have slanted ceilings. This is common especially for second story bedrooms. You could get creative with your slanted ceiling and choose to add wood slats. Another option is to use a large piece of billowing fabric and drape it starting from the ceiling and angling back to the bed creating a soft backdrop that acts like a headboard.


When thinking about finishing touches, you will also want to think about lighting. Most of us have overhead lights in the bedroom. But you might also want to use some soft ambient lighting on your dresser or night stand.


Speaking of night stand, what are some necessary items that you always want to keep on the night stand by your bed. Things like tissues, glass for water, candle, clock or phone charger. This especially important to consider if you have a guest room. Think about that last time you stayed then night in an unfamiliar place. What types of things did you wish were handy once you got to the bedroom? Make your guest feel special by thinking ahead and making sure they have towels readily available, extra toothbrushes and all the basics that you like to keep on your night stand. Fresh flowers would be a great way to brighten their stay with you and let them know you appreciate being able to host them.


Fill out your last worksheet as you think about what finishing touches you want to include in your bedroom makeover plan.


Once again post your worksheet in our Facebook group. I sure hope you have found value in this Bedroom Makeover Challenge from Primitive Star Quilt Shop. We have enjoyed working with you to create a plan for your room. We would love the opportunity to help with some of our awesome curtain patterns, rugs and bedding collections.


I recommend getting a folder to keep all your worksheets organized. This can be a great place to tuck paint samples or receipts as you begin to purchase any items you might need to create your most comfortable bedroom ever!


I have truly enjoyed sharing the last week with you and I look forward to your seeing more before and after pictures.


Join us tonight at 8 for our last Facebook live where we will answer your questions and announce our giveaway winners!

Happy decorating!