Day Three - Bedroom Makeover Challenge

Day ThreeWindows and Curtains

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Today we will be talking about Windows and Curtains.
 Day Three Worksheet

Follow along with the video and be ready to put some plans down on your worksheet


Each house has its own unique set of windows. 

I am guessing that no two people you know have the exact same kind of windows in their bedroom. 

Let's define yours and get your answers on your worksheet!
How many do you have?
What sizes are they?
What curtain styles do you prefer and what is your desired fullness?
What's your hardware look like and will it need to be replaced? 


Update your curtains for Summer

Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Different Window Treatments for Different Rooms

You can read the transcripts of our video HERE.

You're doing great job and we are basically half way done!

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