Day Two - Bedroom Makeover Challenge

Day Two Bedding and Rugs

Print off your Day Two Worksheet so we can start to think about Textiles!  

Or, if you prefer you can choose to download it, save it and then edit the PDF document from your phone or computer

We will be spending the next two days on textiles. Today we will mostly focus on bedding and rugs and tomorrow we will talk about windows and curtains 

Day Two Worksheet

Join me for our Day Two video as we talk about the textiles that work for you. 

Textiles are what make a room feel warm and cozy. 

First of all...

We need to take an inventory of your current quilts, bedding, pillows and rugs.


Knowing the style you chose yesterday and the main color themes you want to use, determine if there are items you currently have that you want to use and look for ways to repurpose. Then make a list of the items you don't want to keep.


Start a little shopping list. These will be the items you know you will want to purchase for your makeover. 


Consider your budget and set some goals. 

Keep your worksheet handy as you may want to refer to it often and add to your lists.

Take a picture of your Day Two worksheet. We would love to see your progress on our Facebook page.


Bedding to match your personality.

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Buying rugs and choosing sizes.

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