3 Popular Quilt Designs to Inspire Your Primitive Country Home Decorating


Whether you’ve built the farmhouse of your dreams or you just want to update your current home décor theme, home decorating can seem like a daunting task. Choosing a décor theme is the first step.  You must first decide what home “feel” you are looking for. Are you looking for something modern and chic? Are you looking for something more vintage and retro? Or, are you looking for a more rustic feel?  If you’re looking for rustic, a primitive country décor theme is for you.

Rooted in American rural traditions, primitive country décor is all about materials like wood, tin, burlap, and probably the most iconic of all – the quilt. Since the days of pioneers, even the most functional items were made into beautiful home accents. Primitive country quilts not only provide comfort and warmth, but they also add a nice focal piece to any room.

Although many may think of muted, earth tone colors when they think of primitive country home décor, that is not the case at all. Our quilts offer something for everyone’s taste and still retain their traditional, heirloom heritage. Below are 3 popular designs to choose from to get you going in the right primitive country home decorating direction.

  1. The Star Design: The star design is likely the most recognizable quilt pattern in America. It is one of the oldest designs consisting of 6 or 8 point stars, typically with one large central star and other smaller stars along the border of the quilt or occupying blank fabric space. Our Amherst quilt is an updated example of the star design with two larger central stars and smaller stars bordering the quilt. 
  2. Floral: The floral design is rooted in the nineteenth century south when gardening was at a height of popularity. Whether you’re looking for the bold colors of Southern gardens like our Isabella Collection or to transform your home into the quiet, English countryside with our English Cottage Collection, floral design quilts can add a soft touch of elegant feminism to your home.
  3. Pop of Color: With a hint of color, you can bring your rustic décor to life. By incorporating earth tones like mustard yellow and red like in our Kadence Quilt, you can still retain the country theme while giving small pops of color to make the room’s color palette more interesting. Another option is to go for more color against white backgrounds like how the light teal is incorporated in the Sea Glass Collection to give the breath of the sea air throughout the room. 

Incorporating quilts into your primitive country home décor can go a long way in making your home feel welcoming and warm. The first step is to choose what direction you would like to go and what feeling you’re looking for. We hope that these 3 quilt designs have provided you the inspiration to create your own unique primitive country home.

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  • Jacki Alcorn
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