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A beautiful quilt can be quite striking in any room in any home. Whether you put it on your bed or hang it on your wall, a well-made quilt can add a charming touch. Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers a wide selection of quality quilts in a variety of styles. You can browse our selection by the collection. Some of our popular collections include the Arlington, Bingham Star, Lewiston, Millsboro, Patriotic Patch, Providence and Tea Cabin collections. Some of these collections feature specific designs, and others are by specific designers. You can also browse our catalog for accessories like bed skirts in solid matching colors. No matter what your decor, you can find a quilt that fits in and that suits your personal style. You can also find a lovely quilt for a gift for someone special or for a special occasion. Find a quilt you'll love in one of our many collections.

"I purchased these products for 2 of our rental cabins at Dale Hollow Lake in TN. They were a perfect fit with the decor and I loved the sizes of them. I have no complaints! thank you" Mary Alice 

Amherst Bedding

(17 items)

Arlington Bedding

(23 items)

Ashmont Bedding

(12 items)

Austin Bedding

(8 items)

Beckham Bedding

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Braden Bedding

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Brighton Bedding

(19 items)

Caledon Bedding

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Cheston Bedding

(21 items)

Dean Bedding

(27 items)

Douglas Bedding

(25 items)

Elysee Bedding

(14 items)

Finley Bedding

(29 items)

Huron Bedding

(14 items)

Kent Bedding

(9 items)

Lincoln Bedding

(2 items)

Millsboro Bedding

(23 items)

Prescott Bedding

(23 items)

Remi Bedding

(3 items)

Tallmadge Bedding

(28 items)



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