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How 25 Years of Marriage Led to the Birth of a Quilt Shop 0

wedding picIt was the summer of 2010 and my husband and I were anticipating our 25th wedding anniversary. Going on a big vacation was not in the budget and we are not big sentimental gift people like some folks.


  • Jacki Alcorn

Planning the Perfect Wedding with Primitive Country Decor 0

WeddingsThere are so many helps out there now to assist you in planning your wedding. Pinterest can be an effective tool in organizing your ideas and thoughts as you can "pin" all your favorite design elements and keep them in one spot. It kind of replaces the old age process of cutting out all your favorite pictures from a bride magazine and pasting them n your wedding planner.


  • Maura Osborn
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Farming is a Family Lifestyle That Combines Work and Play 0

Best MemoriesWhen I think of farm life so many things come to mind. The big farmhouse is always #1 with it's giant wrap around porch and sweeping pastures. A big giant red barn would be another vision I have in my head with a split rail fence that holds cows, a few horses, and maybe goats or pigs. Also, a chicken coop...a farm HAS to have a chicken coop right?


25 Winter Activities for all to Enjoy 2

String popcornThere are a few things that are winter highlights for me, and the first snowfall is one of them. Christmas is another one of course. Decorating the house, making cookies, gathering around the table with family, and tackling those special traditions. If you are short on ideas of what things to do with your family this winter, we've compiled a list of activities that you can either do this year or make a tradition from year to year that the whole family will look forward to.



Creative Meal Planning for a Family of 5 0

FishMeal planning takes some thought and a little bit of work but the payoff is definitely worth it. For years I have meal planned so that our family could stay on a budget and I can tell you that if you are trying to cut cost...writing out menus and doing a grocery list will certainly help you stay within your parameters. 



How to Host a Fall Party 0

campfireI'm sure the verdict is in and Fall is the most loved season of all. The weather, the Fall leaves, the morning sun, the gorgeous sunsets, the crisp air are just a few things people cherish this time of year. And what's better than those things you ask? Well, gathering with family and friends and enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Fall together of course. And what better way to do that than to host a Fall party. Here are 4 ways to enjoy your peeps and this season all at the same time.


Christmas Gift Guide for Primitive Country Home Decor Lovers 0

Christmas Gift GuideShopping for friends and family at Christmas time can be a daunting task. At Primitive Star Quilt Shop we want to help you every step of the way. We've put together this gift guide list of 30 great suggestions for the primitive country lover on your list with various price points as well.  

How To Decorate Farmhouse Style 0

Farmhouse decorSo let's talk about Farmhouse style. It's all the rage right now…with Chip and JoJo Gaines and their HGTV series Fixer Upper. I for one, love to watch their show and marvel at how they transform houses into homes. So what is it about the Farmhouse style that appeals to people? Farmhouse style appeals to me because...  

4 Ways to Spruce up an Old Bathroom without Breaking the Bank 3

Bathroom projectI don't know about you but watching HGTV sometimes leaves me feeling like every room in my home needs a complete overhaul. Well take heart, my friend, there are ways to spruce up your home without hiring an expert designer and changing every square inch.

Contemporary Quilt Trends in 2016 0

Contemporary quiltLike anything else, times have changed in the world of quilting. Quilts went through numerous design phases and trends throughout the decades. In the year of 2016, a new line of quilts has stolen the hearts of quilt lovers around the country‚ÄĒotherwise known as contemporary quilts.¬†




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