About Us

Who we are:

“Hello, I am Jacki – a wife, mom to 4, grandma to 8, and the owner of this little growing business that I started in 2010.”

My vision began with the desire to offer people heirloom quality quilts that would remind them of the one’s Grandma used to make. It all started when my husband and I purchased a new quilt set for our 25th wedding anniversary – which you can read about on our blog. That is how Primitive Star Quilt Shop began - selling beautiful quilts right from my home.

Not only have we grown to sell more items than our beautiful quilts, but we have also taken up many more rooms in my home! Primitive Star Quilt Shop is integrated into our lives as a family. My daughters laugh at the days when they used to do small tasks for a few cents each. Emily, my youngest, is now a full-time employee. My long-time friend, Cindy, has worked with me for years. Corinn, Lora and Ashley have also joined our team. Not to mention all the work my husband Jon does to help with shipping and the heavy duty lifting. 

I am very thankful that God has blessed me with such a supportive family. Growing up, my parents were my biggest cheerleaders, motivating me to act on my thoughts and ideas. My husband and children have invested their love, advice and support over the years, helping me continue to pursue growing Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

We LOVE working together to offer you the best primitive country shopping experience possible.


Why shop with us:

“Our mission is to provide you with quality products to create a beautiful home with primitive country style.”

As a family run small business, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you the products you want in order to create a beautiful home with a primitive country style. We offer quality products that can be loved by your family for years to come.

“Our desire is to provide you with excellent, personal, and timely service - treating each of you as we would like to be treated.”

We understand that home decorating comes naturally for some and a little harder for others. We are here to help whether you are decorating your first home at age 22 or “freshening things up a bit” at age 82. All are welcome here.

Please know that you can call or email us about any questions you may have. We are happy to help!

I look forward to what the future holds for Primitive Star Quilt Shop and all the opportunities I will have to bring warmth and charm into the homes of others.