DIY Christmas Stockings

Have you ever wanted to start planning for Christmas early? Yeah, me either! Don't get me wrong I love Christmas and decorating but I'm hard pressed to plan months in advance...although I always think about being more prepared before the season actually arrives.

However, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to embellish our Burlap Natural Stockings. I mean lets be real...buying stockings for the whole family can be pricey. Having the foundation already made is awesome and a time save and then all I have to do is make them pretty.

My supply list included:

All of the supplies were purchased from Joann Fabrics except the stocking which is in stock in our online store.

Begin with our Burlap Natural Stockings

These are so versatile you could really do anything with them. My main objective was to add some personal touches with a little whimsy to create a piece that would last a lifetime.

Red Flannel Stocking

Red Flannel stocking

Preparing the flannel

Okay so let's get started. First up...the flannel stocking and what I did with it. Initially, what I did was cut my flannel fabric down into a more manageable piece to work with. I believe I ended up with a piece 20 1/2" wide and 9" tall. I kind of eye balled this step by folding it over the cuff of the burlap stocking keeping in mind the 1/4" seam allowance. Using my fabric fusion, I made the 1/4" seam allowance on all sides by placing glue in the seam and folding it over. Then I let it dry for a little bit. After this step, I ironed the entire piece in half to form a crease that would naturally bend at the top of the stocking.

Attaching the flannel to the stocking

I then began to glue the flannel piece in place onto the burlap by starting on the outside and at the bottom hem of the top flap and then followed it all the way around. 

As you can see, along the outside edge of the stocking, I just overlapped the fabric and glued it. I let this dry for about 30 minutes before turning the stocking inside out and doing the same thing to the inside. 

It's a little tricky and there were moments where I thought maybe a glue gun might come in handy.

Add the embellishments

Once the glue is dry, you can start embellishing! I wanted my stocking to be simple and so I used  a wooden letter and button...but the possibilities are unlimited and you can use your imagination and create the stocking you love. You could also personalize them for each family member and maybe even get them involved and do this project on a rainy day.


I painted my letter black and letting it dry. I did have my husband drill a little hole at the top so I could thread some craft twine through it. I sewed my button on with a remnant of black thread I had tucked away and then basically just looped my letter around the button. Voila! This project is super easy with quick satisfying results and it's something that will last you for years to come. After finishing the flannel stocking I moved onto the lacy stocking.

Creme Lacy Stocking

Creme Lacy Stocking

Applying the lace

With this stocking I basically did the same measuring method as the first stocking. I wrapped the lace around the stocking and cut it. I did that twice as I wanted a layered look. Now, having said time I probably would've chosen to use a lace that had more ruffle to it. I just think it would've given the stocking more depth and character. But of course, you do you...and pick what appeals to you. I started with the bottom layer of lace and lined up it's bottom edge with the flap hem. Then I glued the top which basically fell in the middle of the cuff. One thing I learned about the lace is that the fabric fusion wasn't as effective because of all the "holes. A glue gun would have been so much easier...but hindsight is 20/20 which is why I'm helping you out by writing this post.

Along the outside edge of the stocking, again I  folded and tucked and glued. I then used a clothespin to hold it in place until the glue dried. It worked like a charm.

Adding tag details

While the glue dried I moved on to my craft tags. I used a stamp set I had laying around and stamped some Christmassy words. Easy peasy. You could use names, verses, Christmas song lyrics. If you don't have a stamp set you could use your own personal handwriting to pen a message. Again, you pull from your craft drawers and your talent and make these your own...which is part of the fun. I did add a printable letter tag to stack with can never go wrong with layering.

Stenciled monogram

The next  and last step was to monogram my stocking. I used paper stencils that I had in my craft drawer. Holla...for anyone who keeps a craft stash. I did place a folded sheet of printer paper in the stocking to prevent the paint from bleeding through. You will want to do that also. If you have a steady hand and calligraphy skills...this would be a perfect opportunity to dig deep into your creativity.

Ready for Christmas early!

Here is the finished product. While I mentioned a few things I would've changed...I am very pleased with how they turned out. While I was creating these my mind started thinking of several other stocking ideas. Pinterest is also a place to get inspiration...which is where I got the idea for shame in that. If you choose to make your own make sure you let us see them by posting a picture on our facebook page.

What are your stocking traditions?

Do they hang over the mantle? How do you distinguish your family stockings - do they have names or initials? Do they all look alike or does everyone have a different one? When are stocking gifts opened - Christmas morning or another time? We would love to hear what happens at your house. Let us know in the comments what your stocking traditions are.

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