How to Create a Country Bathroom: A Rustic Design Guide

Crafting a country bathroom can be an exhilarating experience, offering you the chance to create a cozy and welcoming space. This blog post will delve deep into the various elements that will show you how to create a country bathroom that you'll love!

We'll begin by discussing color palettes, focusing on dark wall colors for authenticity and neutral tones that complement rustic features. Then, we'll explore flooring options such as tumbled flagstone floors, one inch porcelain hex tile and wooden floorboards, both of which add character and charm.

As we move forward in our quest of learning how to create a country bathroom, we'll discuss incorporating wooden elements like tongue-and-groove wood panels on walls and aged brass fittings for vintage appeal. 

Additionally, selecting fixtures like freestanding bathtubs, coordinating toilets, and basins will be covered in detail.

Last but not least, we'll touch on rustic window treatments with traditional country-colored fabrics or patterns. Lighting solutions such as wrought iron vanity lights and antique-style glass shades will also be addressed. 

Finally, accessorizing your new country bathroom with items like mason jar soap dispensers or metal toilet paper holders will complete the transformation process.

If you find yourself wondering how to create a country bathroom, we've got all the corners covered.

Example of how to create a country bathroom

Featured in this country bathroom is the Pine Grove patchwork lined shower curtain.

Table Of Contents:

Choose the Perfect Color Palette

Selecting a color palette for your country bathroom is essential in creating an inviting atmosphere. It is also the foundation for how to create a country bathroom that fits your vision. 

But beyond that - it can also be really fun! 

There is nothing that can bring fresh new life to a space quite like a new coat of paint.

And don't fret if interior design isn't your expertise. Figuring out how to create a country bathroom with the right paint colors doesn't have to be hard.

Choose dark walls or elaborate wallpaper to express an authentic country style. Or opt for neutral tones like beige and white, providing a perfect backdrop for wooden features and decorative accents. 

Want a pop of color?

You can easily add color through accessories such as linens or feature walls.

Use Dark Wall Colors for Rustic Charm

Country bathrooms that incorporate dark wall colors like deep blues, greens, and browns add warmth and depth to your space. These shades work well with natural materials commonly found in rustic interiors, such as wood and stone.

Personally, I love the rich depth that a dark wall brings. One room in my home features a black accent wall with three other walls painted a light creme. I love how the dark wall makes my decor stand out in a unique way.

In our master bath, we installed bead board part way up the wall. It is currently painted a dark burgundy. I love the warmth and dimension that the dark color brings to the space. 

Or Neutral Tones as Versatile Backdrops

I realize dark walls are not for everyone. So for a subtler effect, try painting your walls in hues like beige, creme, tans, or light gray to bring out the textures and patterns without overpowering the room's rustic atmosphere. 

This allows you to easily incorporate various textures and patterns without overwhelming the space. And you still achieve that cozy country feel while creating a serene modern country bathroom.


Sawyer Mill charcoal stenciled patchwork shower curtain

This creme-colored bathroom features the Sawyer Mill charcoal stenciled patchwork shower curtain.

Choosing the perfect color palette is essential for creating a country bathroom that exudes rustic charm and warmth. Next, we'll explore flooring options that complement this cozy aesthetic.

Find Flooring Options that Complement Country Style

When designing your country bathroom, it's important to select flooring options that enhance the overall theme. 

As you learn how to create a country bathroom that fits your home, flooring is a fun foundational piece.

Don't get stuck wondering how to create a country bathroom with so many different flooring options. Here are some of the best choices we've found.

  • Tumbled flagstone floors: Known for their rustic charm, tumbled flagstones are an excellent option for those seeking a truly authentic country feel. They're also easy to maintain and can withstand heavy foot traffic.
  • Wooden floorboards: Another great option for achieving a cozy country atmosphere is installing wooden floorboards. Opt for reclaimed wood or wide plank boards with visible knots and imperfections for added character. Consider a waterproof type of wood flooring. 
  • Luxury or unique tile: An alternative modern approach is using luxury vinyl tile that looks like wood. This could be a great option if you have children or grandchildren that often get water all over the floor after showers or bath time.
  • 1'' Porcelain Hex Tile: White hexagon tiles have been popular for over 100 years. These tiles add country charm and create a clean spacious look. 

In addition to these classic choices, consider using large-scale tiles that match both the floor and wall surfaces in your bathroom space. This cohesive design approach helps create harmony throughout your entire room while still maintaining its distinct country style.

In our master bathroom, we recently decided to replace our flooring with white porcelain hexagon tile. These small off-white tiles were the perfect foundation to let my unique country theme shine while making a statement. 

Contemporary bathrooms with country warmth make a beautiful space.

hexagonal-shaped tileShown here is the farmhouse star rectangle braided rug and the Maisie Patch shower curtain with the porcelain floor tiles in our upstairs bathroom.

The tumbled flagstone floors, tiles and wooden floorboards are perfect for creating a country bathroom that will last for years to come. To further enhance the look, tongue-and-groove wood paneling and aged brass fittings can be incorporated into the design.

Incorporate Wooden Elements and Vintage Fixtures

Country bathroom ideas incorporate materials that have wooden elements and that feature rustic fixtures. This is essential for creating a country-style bathroom.

Embrace rustic charm by using tongue-and-groove wood panels on walls, which can add texture and warmth to your country bathroom. You can either paint them in a neutral color or leave the natural wood exposed for an authentic country feel. 

Bring in more beautiful wood via your towel holder with our reclaimed wood wall rack with three hooks.

Gettysburg cranberry and tan woven shower curtain

Featured in our downstairs bathroom is the Gettysburg cranberry and tan woven shower curtain next to painted wood beadboard.

Another classic option is installing a wooden vanity to bring wooden charm throughout your space.

Vintage-inspired fixtures like freestanding bathtubs with aged brass fittings will also add to the rustic charm of your space. Perhaps you would try a classic cast iron freestanding bath for something unique. 

Country bathroom ideas incorporate materials with antique character as well. Aged brass fittings are perfect for enhancing that vintage vibe in your interior design.

Swap out modern fixtures for antique-inspired faucets, towel bars, and hooks to create a sense of nostalgia while maintaining functionality. 

black wood tea towel rack

Shown here is the black wood tea towel rack.

Beyond these main elements, consider incorporating woven or wicker accessories into your design - such as baskets for storage or decorative accents like pip berry wreaths - adding both visual interest and practicality to your bathroom space.

By incorporating wooden elements and vintage fixtures, you can create a timeless country-style bathroom. Learn how to create a country bathroom that incorporates freestanding bathtubs with coordinating fixtures provide. This is the perfect specialized touch to your new-country style space.

Freestanding Bathtubs and Coordinating Fixtures

A beautiful freestanding bathtub can serve as the centerpiece of your country-style bathroom design. 

These tubs come in various styles, from vintage clawfoot to contemporary designs that blend seamlessly with a country aesthetic while adding a luxurious layer.

Of course, when selecting a freestanding bath, consider the size of your bathroom space and choose one that complements other elements in the room.

The Importance of Coordinating Fixtures

To achieve cohesion throughout your space, it's essential to coordinate toilets and basins with similar styles as your chosen bathtub. 

For example, if you opt for a vintage clawfoot tub, look for fixtures with antique-inspired details such as ornate metalwork or intricate patterns.

Traditional Suites Designed Specifically for New-Country-Style Bathrooms

  • Country-style toilets: Opt for high-tank models or those featuring wooden seats to enhance the rustic charm.
  • Country-style basins: Choose pedestal sinks made from materials like porcelain or stone that evoke an old-world feel while providing modern functionality.
  • Bathroom accessories: Don't forget about coordinating towel bars, robe hooks or towel racks, and other hardware items to complete the overall look.

Country bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs and coordinating fixtures create a cohesive, country-style look. If your bathroom layout doesn't comply with a specialized tub, there are other ways to bring in your country theme. Consider choosing the right primitive country shower curtain for your space.

Choose the Right Primitive Country Shower Curtain

Selecting a primitive country shower curtain is essential for tying together your bathroom's rustic theme.

Shower curtains are often a centerpiece of interior design when you are planning how to create a country bathroom. If you are drawn towards contemporary bathrooms in your country style, shower curtains can offer the statement you are looking for. 

Look for shower curtains made from natural materials like cotton or linen that feature patterns inspired by nature or traditional motifs. When choosing the perfect shower curtain, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Opt for durable, easy-to-clean fabrics such as cotton or linen.
  • Pattern: Choose designs that complement your overall country style, plaid patterns, or vintage-inspired prints.
  • Color: Select colors that coordinate with your existing bathroom decor and color palette.

Primitive Star Quilt Shop has so many great options to choose from. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

The Ashmont ticking stripe shower curtain combines charcoal, grey and creme for an elegant design. Ashmont ticking stripe shower curtain

Displayed here is the Ashmont ticking stripe shower curtain.

Our Beckham shower curtain is a delightful country choice, bringing black, creme, burgundy and khaki plaids together in the most versatile way. Check out this video to see this stunning shower curtain in our bathroom. 

This is the Beckham shower curtain.

One of our popular choices is one of our custom-designed, the Maisie Patch shower curtain. Maisie Patch combines burgundy, black, and tan in brilliant country patchwork blocks. Classic country stars border the bottom, to sharpen the look. Maisie Patch shower curtainDisplayed is our beautiful Maisie Patch shower curtain.

Let me give you a closer look with this quick Maisie Patch shower curtain video clip. You can see for yourself how beautiful Maisie Patch shower curtain looks in my bathroom. 

In addition to selecting the right material and design, remember it's important to ensure proper sizing of your shower curtain. Before you buy, measure the width and height of your shower area to make sure the curtain is an ideal fit.

Consider extra country details for your interior design by using these black shower curtain hooks. Or make a statement with black star shower curtain hooks.

black shower curtain hooks

This is our black shower curtain hook, comes in a set of 12.

Looking for more ideas and details to find the best primitive country shower curtain for you? Go visit our popular blog post featuring videos and further descriptions of our favorites, 10 Primitive Shower Curtains to Use in Your Bathroom.

Selecting the right primitive country shower curtain is key in knowing how to create your country bathroom. By picking the right one, you can easily create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. And finding the perfect country curtains for windows is just as important to complete the look of your rustic retreat. 

Find the Perfect Country Curtains for Windows

Choosing the right country curtains can make all the difference in creating a cohesive and inviting space for your country style bathroom.

Fortunately for you, Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers plenty of coordinating window and shower curtain options. 

Learning how to create a country bathroom includes ensuring your window treatments complement your overall design scheme, consider these tips:

  • Select neutral or traditional country-colored fabrics: Opt for colors like beige, cremes, tans, white, or light gray that blend seamlessly with various country-style elements. Or opt for classic favorites such as burgundy, navy, or black.
  • Consider fabric type: Look for natural materials like cotton or linen which not only suit a country aesthetic but also provide durability and easy maintenance.
  • Incorporate classic country patterns: Choose curtains featuring understated designs such as plaid, buffalo check, or vintage prints that add visual interest.

In addition to selecting the perfect curtains, consider incorporating other window treatment elements such as wooden blinds or shutters for added warmth and character. 

You can also use decorative curtain rods and hooks made from wrought iron, brass, or wood to further enhance your theme. 

Consider coordinating accessories such as tiebacks made from rustic materials like jute rope or wrought iron to add to your country bathroom's charm.

Curtains are a great way to bring the country theme into your bathroom. By carefully selecting the perfect combination of color, pattern, and material for your curtains, you'll create an inviting atmosphere while staying true to your desired country style theme. 

Betty S. from Missouri is enjoying our prairie style curtains in her master bath. 

Sawyer mill blue prairie curtains in the bathroom

This is a picture of her Sawyer Mill blue prairie curtains.

Moving on from window treatments, let's look at tips for selecting country-style accessories and decorations for your bathroom.

Select Country Bathroom Accessories & Decorations

In my opinion, accessorizing your country bathroom is the best part. This is where you would see me stepping in 'too soon' to try to add the cute stuff while my husband is still be finishing up the floor. For real - I do that!

And don't forget a perfect family bathroom combines practicality with style.

By incorporating elements such as mason jar soap dispensers, metal toilet paper holders, and pip berry wreaths, you can create a practical and inviting atmosphere. I love it when these little extras complement the overall design.

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

A mason jar soap dispenser adds a touch of vintage charm to any country-style bathroom. I always think of my grandma when I see mason jars. Choose one with a galvanized or antique brass pump for added authenticity.

Mason jar soap dispenserPictured here is our pint Mason jar soap dispenser.

Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders provide both functionality and style. You need a place to put your toilet paper anyway so why not use something cute? Opt for wood, metal, wrought iron or aged brass finishes to complement other fixtures in your space.

star toilet tissue holderFeatured here is the star toilet tissue holder.

star ring hook

This is the star ring hook.

Pip Berry Wreaths

Bring warmth and color to your bare walls by hanging a beautiful pip berry wreath. Country bathrooms host the perfect space for this versatile decoration. It works well above towel racks, mirrors, or even as standalone wall art.

This red color brings a beautiful pop of cheerful color!

country berry wreathThis is the 20'' country berry wreath.

Country Bathmats 

So many of our shower curtains have matching bathmats. Don't miss the perfect opportunity to bring your style throughout your room as you learn how to create a country bathroom.

Selection Tips:

  • Select plush bathmats in coordinating colors that match your chosen palette.
  • Consider adding texture through materials like jute or chenille for visual interest.
  • If possible, opt for machine-washable options for easy maintenance and longevity.

Did you love our Maisie Patch shower curtain that we mentioned earlier?

The coordinating Maisie bathmats feature a fun ruffle edge that perfectly tie your country theme throughout your country style bathroom.

Maisie bath mat

Shown here are the Maisie bathmat size 27x48 and Maisie bathmat size 20x30.

The Sawyer Mill black bathmat in 100% cotton is a beautiful soft white and black option to coordinate with your Sawyer Mill black stenciled shower curtain.

Sawyer Mill black bath mat

Shown here is the Sawyer Mill black bathmat size 20x30.

To complete your country bathroom, select accessories, decorations, and bath rugs that will add a rustic charm to the room. For further illumination and rustic charm, consider adding vanity lights with wrought iron fixtures or antique-style glass shades.

Illuminate Your Space with Rustic Lights

Opting for rustic lights can add warmth and character to your country bathroom while providing adequate lighting. Consider fixtures made from wrought iron or featuring antique-style glass shades to complement the overall design scheme. 

Are we having fun yet? Soon you will complete your quest for how to create a country bathroom!

Wrought Iron Vanity Light Fixtures

Wrought iron vanity light fixtures are an excellent choice for a country style bathroom as they evoke a sense of history and charm. 

These durable and versatile fixtures come in various designs, ranging from simple single-bulb sconces to multi-light options that provide ample illumination over larger vanities. All while bringing warm and inviting lighting that will make your space feel cozy and comfortable.

This four-arm Americana series vanity light is sure to bring charm to your country bathroom. Four candelabra sockets are attached to a crimped pan. It comes in five various distressed colors.

This is the four-arm Americana series vanity light in red.

This Crestwood Americana series vanity light option will complete your rustic country bathroom with wrought iron and tin mounted on black painted wood. The crimped tin is sure to compliment your style and add character to your perfect space. Available in five different colors.

Shown is the Crestwood Americana series vanity light in black.

Antique-Style Glass Shade Options

In addition to wrought iron, consider incorporating antique-style glass shades into your vanity lighting design. 

For a timeless touch, antique-style glass shades come in many shapes, colors and patterns to complement your vanity lighting design. Pair them with Edison bulbs for an even more authentic look.

  • Select rustic materials like wrought iron or antique-style glass shades for your vanity lights.
  • Browse through various designs available online or at local home improvement stores.
  • Create cohesion by matching other metal accents throughout your country bathroom space.

Selecting lights with antique-style shades or wrought iron fixtures is the perfect way to illuminate your country bathroom space. This final illuminating touch completes your space as you've learned how to create a country bathroom that is perfect for you.

FAQ in Relation to How to Create Country Bathroom

What Makes a Country Bathroom?

A country bathroom is characterized by its use of natural materials like wood and stone, vintage-inspired fixtures such as freestanding bathtubs and aged brass fittings, warm colors that evoke coziness and comfort, rustic accessories including metal toilet paper holders and pip berry wreaths along with charming curtains featuring neutral tones or vintage patterns.

How to Design a Rustic Bathroom?

To design a rustic bathroom, start by selecting earthy colors for your walls and incorporating natural materials like wood panels. Vintage-style fixtures like freestanding tubs and antique-style lighting solutions will add to the rustic charm of your space. Create warmth through textured fabrics for curtains and choose accessories like metal toilet paper holders and pip berry wreaths to complete the look.

How to Build a Bathroom Step by Step?

Building a bathroom can be a daunting task, but with the right plan in place, it can be a rewarding experience. Follow these steps to build your dream bathroom:

  1. Plan the layout and design of your bathroom.
  2. Obtain necessary permits and approvals.
  3. Install plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems.
  4. Add insulation and drywall to your walls.
  5. Lay flooring materials.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way in setting the stage as you learn how to create a country bathroom that looks perfect in your space.


Learning how to create a country bathroom is all about incorporating rustic elements and warm colors to create a cozy, inviting space. From choosing the perfect color palette to selecting fixtures and accessories, there are many ways to bring this charming style into your home and design a suitably fabulous bathroom space.

Incorporating wooden elements like tongue-and-groove panels on walls or aged brass fittings can add vintage appeal while freestanding bathtubs and coordinating toilets and basins make for great focal points. Rustic window treatments with classic country-colored fabrics or vintage patterns can enhance visual appeal, while wrought iron lights or antique-style glass shades provide lighting solutions that fit the theme.

If you're looking to create a beautiful country bathroom in your own home, check out Primitive Star Quilt Shop for inspiration and high-quality decor items that will help you achieve the look you want!