Top Pillow Arranging Hacks for Your Bedroom

Arranging decorative and sleeping pillows can be somewhat of a conundrum. So we’ve put together some of the top hacks to get your decorating just right.

The Basics

The pillows we use to sleep on are “sleeping pillows” that are easy to get hold of and usually come in three standard sizes:

    ●  Standard pillows – 20” x 26”

    ●  Queen pillows – 20” x 30”

    ●  King pillows – 20” x 36”

No matter the size you choose, you can add pizazz to your bedroom with a range of beautiful pillowcases to match your primitive or country bedding.

And then there are decorative throw pillows.

Decorating With Throw Pillows

1. Considering Size

Standard pillows measure 16 inches in height and width and can nest neatly on beds. The more oversized cushions that measure around 26 inches create a far more casual feel to the room. Choose a couple of different pillows in different shapes and sizes, such as our 7x13 inch pillows, and add contrasts for further interest. Larger pillows will make a statement in any bedroom and you can choose from finishes such as tassels, trims, or fringes for added character.

2. Thinking About the Fill

Feather-and-down fills have a lot more squish to them. Synthetic fills and foam are a lot stiffer. They will hold their shapes for longer but may not appear as lush in a bedroom setting. If your bedroom décor is modern or eclectic, group the accent pillows in sets of odd numbers, such as three, five or seven pillows on the bed. Another common design rule is to use asymmetrical groups for more nontraditional décor. This helps to make a bedroom feel more visually balanced. For a more symmetrical, traditional look, simply use even numbers. Odd numbers in design, though, just seem more artful.

3. Creating a Mixed “Pillowscape”

This is an easy and effective combination to achieve: match a pair of square solids that contrast with the shades of your country bedding, add an oblong pillow in the center of the mix, and then finish with two interesting outliers, such as oddly shaped, embellished, or patterned pillows that reference some part of the color of the bedding or solid pillows.

4. Don’t Ignore Texture

To add warmth and traction, think “tactile contrast”. Nubby linens placed against smooth bedding or silky sheets or even shiny pillows on a quilted throw all add warmth and offer great traction for your bed.

5. Consider the Entire Room

Think of your bedroom’s pillows as a family. The pillow on your dresser chair doesn’t have to match the group on the bed, but if it relates in some sort of way – be it shape, size or shade, the space will feel a lot more polished and unified.

6. Storage

Finally, add a pretty storage basket or Kist to the bedroom to store your pillows when they are not in use. The storage area will help keep your decorative pillows clean and fresh while retaining their shapes.

If you’re looking for a range of primitive bedding and pillow ideas, take a look at Primitive Star Quilt Shop today.