Mastering The Pillow/Throw Mix

Here’s some great news: mastering the pillow/throw mix isn’t rocket science. While we’ve broken down some of these mixes into simplified formulas for you, you don’t need to take them too seriously, there’s no hard and fast rules. It’s all about switching things up until you find an arrangement you enjoy.

Here are some arrangement ideas to get you started.

1. 1 Solid and 1 Pattern

This is a really simple mix that can pack a stylish punch. When using strong pairings of opposite colors, such as orange cushions with a blue quilted throw. It’s a good idea to have a neutral back drop in this case, such as a cream couch.

2. 1 Small Pattern and 1 Bold Pattern

This is the next step for you to try. If you have really neutral cushions, for example cream-colored with an extremely subtle pattern, they can pass as solid and can be mixed with a more vibrant primitive country throw.

3. Base of Primary Colors

Keeping a very simple palette lets you have fun playing with the shape of the pillows you chose, be they rectangles, bolsters or even squares. Primary colors combined with a punch or two of orange, for example, can really dominate a throw mix. 

4. Talking Florals

Are there really any floral prints that clash with one another?  If your room has throws and cushions with florals that seem to be clashing, quite simply add a third. If those seem to be clashing, add a fourth and so on until it all just gels together. When it comes to florals, you can have a wide range of styles, shades and scales that create a sophisticated mix.

5. Different Patterns Divided By the Same Color Palette

With this advice, you can use as many patterns as you want to so long as the common denominator is the same color palette. If you use this idea, try to vary the scale of the patterns as much as you can using some small prints and some bold prints or stripes.

 6. 1 Simple Theme

Sticking to geometric patterns means you can collect a harmonious group of throws and pillows. You may even like to throw a country quilt into the mix.

7. Opposites Can Attract

Does the thought of a splash of gold surrounding white on periwinkle give you a cold shiver? In the right setting, opposite shapes and color palettes can attract. A solid gold throw, for example, can stand up to a more vibrant cushion that has large scale script or patterns.

8. 1 Large Geometric, 1 Small Geometric and 1 Bold Floral

This can result in a masterful mix. Add to it some interesting wallpaper, a pop of color in an ottoman and a range of colors and patterns and you have an interesting room of different scales, palettes and colors. But when you break it right down to basics, you can choose just three shapes and scales and tie them together with a palette of opposite colors.

Whatever you decide, have fun experimenting with various shapes, colors and prints until you find the combination that suits your style! At Primitive Star Quilt Shop, we have a large selection of pillows and primitive country throws to help you find just what you are looking for.