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Most decorators agree that curtains make a room – but only when they are chosen correctly. Window treatments are about picking the perfect fabrics, colors, lengths, and linings. With all these decisions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, so we’ve put together a list that will help narrow down your options when shopping for primitive curtains.

tobacco cloth curtains

Fabrics and Colors

Fabric is an important part of picking windows. The material is going to dictate how well the curtains will function in a room. If they’re too heavy, they may not fold the way you want them to and they may not even fall well.

Keep in mind that sunlight fades fabrics over time, so if a room gets plenty of light, avoid bright colors that will fade faster. Cotton, linen, and velvet are good choices for window treatments, as they tend to hang well and are durable.

Certain fabrics can keep out the cold, such as tapestry, tweed, and suede, as their weight blocks out light to keep the heat in.

Lining and Length

Before getting the tape measure out, think about how high above the window you want your curtains to start. Remember that hanging panels higher than the window can give a great sense of height to a room. For a dramatic look, some people hang curtains up to six inches higher than the window frame.

Start by measuring from the top of your window, and add the inches of height where the curtains are going to hang from to the floor. For a traditional look, let the curtains slightly puddle on the floor. If this is what you’re going for, add a few more inches to the length of your measurements. For a more modern and crisp look, let the panel fall flush with your floor.

As for measuring the width of the window, make sure you add at least four to eight inches on either side and then double the total number to make sure you account for curtain fullness. This way you won’t block a lot of window glass when your curtains are open and they won’t get in your way.

If you want to use the curtains to help keep the sun out, make sure they are lined. You might also add a few extra inches around the perimeter of the window frame to help block out that creeping light.

Custom or Off-the-Shelf Window Treatments

Custom curtains can offer a range of benefits, such as customizing the exact dimensions of the window size. This created a tailored look for a perfect fit. Custom panels also come in an array of design options from header style to different materials. There is, however,  a considerable price difference from off-the-shelf primitive curtains.

If custom curtains are beyond your budget, consider beautiful standard size country curtains to fit in with your home décor.

black check prairie curtains

Primitive Star Quilt Shop stocks a range of lush primitive curtains for different windows in your home. While we do not offer custom made curtains, you can choose from tiers, panels, valances, prairie curtains, or even swag curtains. Take a look at our selection today. 

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