Create a Cozy Guest Room with These Top Tips

If you regularly host overnight visitors, chances are you’d prefer to offer them something more than a couch and blanket. Use these helpful tips and your guests will be left saying, “wow, you really did think of everything!”

Cheston Pillows

1. Start with Basics

Every guest room requires some standard elements. These include:

  • Pillows – too many people stick their old pillows in the guest room. Be kinder to your visitors and get a couple of allergy-friendly washable pillows and pretty quilt bundle sets.
  • Blankets – be sure to keep spare covers handy, particularly materials that won’t snag, shrink in the wash or fade. Don’t forget those cozy quilted throws for the winter time.
  • Inflatable mattress – if you don’t have a permanent bed, choose an inflatable bed that won’t have your guests waking up on the floor.
  • WIFI access and passwords - place a 3x5 card on the dresser or night stand so they can have easy access to using your wifi. 
  • Final touches – don’t forget the little things like hangers, a bedside lamp, extra toilet paper and enough bath towels.

Guest room towels

2. Add Helpful Extras

New visitors won’t know the quirks of your house, so be sure to make it easy for them to adapt effortlessly. Add things like motion-sensor nightlights to save them fumbling in the dark. Also label remote controls, and other systems that could be confusing. 

3. Check for Hazards

Carefully evaluate your guest room for any precarious situations. Check the area rugs for potential snags where someone could slip and fix anything that could cause your guest to trip or stub a toe.

4. Make It as Convenient as a Hotel, but More Homey

One of the nicest parts about staying in a friend’s home is that it offers all the comforts of home. But you can take a few more steps to ensure visitors feel extra comfortable. Place a fresh pitcher of water on the nightstand each night so guests don’t need to get up if they’re thirsty, or offer a phone charger, slippers, a box of tissues and even travel-size toiletries. A pretty bowl of whole nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, cloves and fresh rosemary sprigs is a quick and attractive potpourri. You could even leave a small dish on the bedside table for guests to keep their loose change and jewelry in.

5. Remove Your Personal Stuff

If you usually use your spare room as an office or play room, remove everything you’ll need during your visitor’s stay.

6. Do a Dust Check

Dust collects in rooms that aren’t used that much, so give the room a clean sweep before your guests arrive. Don’t forget to check spaces like picture frames, mirrors, lamp shades, drapes and blinds. Give the carpet a good vacuum, too.

7. Open the Blinds or Curtains

Pull back the curtains to let some natural light in and turn on any lamps. As your guest arrive they will be greeted with a well lit room that looks very inviting.

8. Do a Dry-Run Before They Arrive

Spend the night in your own spare room to make sure everything is comfortable and working. Check the lightbulbs, make sure closet doors close properly and windows open easily.

9. Enjoy Your Guests!

When you've done all the leg work before your friends and family arrive, you can be free to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with them! My husband and I now have three guest rooms and we love for people to come and visit. As soon as our guest's stay has ended and they head home, I try to get the bedding washed and the room put back together within a day or two. That way we can be ready for the next opportunity to house someone else. 

If it's time to give your guest room an update, we have lots of gorgeous country bedding, curtains, rugs and home decor here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. If you need some help in knowing how to change up your space, you might like to read How to Create a Primitive Country Bedroom Makeover Plan in 6 Easy Steps.

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