Top Tips for Decorating with Sconces

Wood corner sconce

If you’ve been looking to add a touch of elegance, beauty, and romance to your home, look no further than putting up some sconces. Nothing quite enlivens a dreary room like perfect lighting; in fact, lighting can make or break the look of an interior. Wall sconces offer a great balance between functionality and form and demand very little installation work or maintenance.

Fabulous Accent Lighting

Did you know that wall sconces originated from Tiki torches? Of course, modern sconces have come a long way from old burning torches hung on walls, and a popular modern use for them is as accent lighting. Whether you want to highlight a piece of art or create an architectural focus point in the room, sconces can get the task done with minimal effort and maximum elegance. Often, twin sconces flanked on either side of the feature you want to highlight lend amazing visual balance to a room.

Task Lighting

Wall sconces also work well when it comes to providing task lighting. The thing is to get the placement just right. If you’re trying to create a reading nook next to the wall, for example, make sure the illumination of the sconce and alignment are just right so there won’t be any shadows.

Enhanced Ambiance

Perfect lighting is all about using a couple of layers of illumination in just the right way. Flooding a space with too much light can destroy the inviting ambiance of the space, and not enough light makes for a dull, dreary mood. Using sconces is a great solution for getting balance, especially when used in coordination with recessed lights and pendants.

Convenient Space Savers

One of the biggest advantages of sconces is their ability to maximize legroom and desk space. Sconces tend to add a great deal of value by simply being out of the way. They free up space that you can use for other items and tasks.

A Dreamy Allure

There’s nothing that can beat setting the mood for a romantic evening quite like dimmed-down lights and a couple of lit candles. But you can Wood Corner Sconcemake this a permanent feature of your master bedroom or even your home spa by adding a couple of candle sconces. They are charismatic and classic and really add a special glow of their own. If you’re using candle sconces, do be careful of the open flame, but when well-placed, these pieces of wall art are sure to transform the entire atmosphere and usher in a cozy warmth and serenity. They’re also ideal for complementing a fireplace or highlighting an entry.

Make a Luminous Statement

Using several sconce lights can create amazing drama while adding to the ambience of a room. There are a range of configurations and ways you can use them to alter a room’s atmosphere. Placing them in a small room that has a low ceiling will help to illuminate part of the ceiling and make the room feel airy. These gorgeous lights are also a simple, effective way to turn a guest room or bedroom into a hotel type of setting without the need for an expensive makeover.

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