How to Decorate with Primitive Décor This Spring

Primitive décor makes homes feel cozy and guests feel welcome during any time of the year. There’s something nostalgic about primitive décor, and decorating with this theme will certainly make any house feel like home.

Primitive décor comes in all shapes and sizes, from large barn stars to small keepsakes. Even a couple of primitive picks can add a whimsical touch of country to your home.

Now that we’re heading into the spring season, you’re likely dusting off your shelves and taking down your winter décor theme. Unfortunately, this will leave your shelves, nooks, and walls quite bare—especially if you don’t have any décor to replace it with.

If you’re searching for how to decorate with primitive décor this spring, you’re in luck. Not only does Primitive Star Quilts have some ideas to get your home looking cheery, we also have the products that will pull your look together.

Popular Spring Primitive Décor Items

When it comes to pulling together country charm for your spring primitive décor, there are certain products that hit the mark and make you think about spring. These items include:

Tin primitives: Tin primitives can add a sense of spring to your primitive décor, especially when you incorporate tin primitives such as a watering pail. Most people barn roof coal bin think of the growth of plants during the spring season, and tin primitives can be the perfect spot to showcase primitive flower and primitive picks.

For example, you can use Primitive Star Quit Shop’s barn roof coal bin and fill it with primitive picks. This is a popular primitive décor technique and is easily to transition between seasons—just simply swap out the pick.

Berry garlands: Berry garlands are wonderful for any season, but you can really lighten up the atmosphere in your country home with gold berry garlands. A red pip berry garland is also an excellent choice, which adds a pop of color that is perfect for spring.

gold lighted berry garlandTo take your berry garlands a step further, consider choosing a lighted pip berry garland. These beautiful garlands can serve as the star of the show of your décor and light up even the darkest corners.


Primitive Wall Art: When you’re decorating for spring, don’t count out your options for primitive artwork. Primitive Star Quilt Shop has a great selection of floral artwork that will perfectly complement your springtime theme, such as our Irvin Hoover Artwork with a Grain Scoop. 

This option features still life photography from photographer Irvin Hoover, with a barn roof, grain scoop with flowers and a white picket fence.

Irvin Hoover’s Geranium Pots is another fantastic option for your springtime primitive wall art décor. It features 4 red geranium plants in terracotta pots.

Primitive Picks: Primitive picks add a pop of color and a touch of spring nearly any time of year. Our 12” sunflower picks feature cheery yellowBreckenridge prairie curtains sunflowers that will brighten up any primitive tin or empty shelf.

Prairie curtains: Prairie curtains give the feel of a beautiful spring day in the country. Perfect for small windows, our prairie curtains have a variety of textures and patterns that will make your home feel more cheerful.

The Breckenridge Scalloped Line Prairie Curtain adds charm to your window décor with its bright checker pattern. Our Ethan Scalloped Line Prairie Curtains will also give your home a light and airy look during the springtime.

Changing up your window décor is one of the easiest ways to celebrate spring, and you won’t be disappointed with the options that you find on Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

Primitive pillows: Pillows are another quick and easy way to dress up your home for spring. Natural burlap pillows work with virtually any season and blend seamlessly with your country décor. Our Burlap Natural “Life Began in a Garden” pillow reminds us that spring is in the air with its message and cheery sunflowers.

Top Tips for a Primitive Spring Home

Now that you have some great primitive décor to work with, you might need some tips in terms of how to blend it all together. These are our top tips for achieving the best look of a primitive home not only just in the spring, by any time of year.

Decorating Your Porch and Foyer

One of the main ideas of primitive decorating is to make everyone who enters your home feel welcome. When you decorate in a primitive country style this spring, consider adding a cheery springtime wreath to your front door. You can find plenty of grapevine primitive wreaths available with fabric flowers.

Primitive Spring Décor Makes Your Living Room Cozy and Invitingquilted throw

Bright or pastel quilts are the perfect spring touch for your living room. Large barn stars over the fireplace will draw the eye up and help make your room appear larger. Furthermore, you can consider adding a colorful braided rug for texture and extra visual interest.

Primitive Spring Décor for Your Kitchen

When it comes to primitive spring décor, there’s no shortage of options for your kitchen. Incorporate prairie curtains that blow in the breeze and a centerpiece with primitive picks on your country table. The idea is to make your primitive kitchen feel light, airy, and inviting. You can also incorporate primitive tins on empty shelves filled with pip berries to make your kitchen feel extra cozy.

Get Ready For Spring With Primitive Décor

As you can see, there are many different options to decorate your home for spring with primitive décor. No matter what décor options you choose, your home is sure to feel cozy with primitive décor from Primitive Country Quilt Shop.

We invite you to browse our store and find the perfect spring touch for your primitive home.

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