22 Ways to Display Quilts in Your Primitive Country Home

Are you looking for creative ways to display quilts in your primitive country home?

From using a wreath hook to creating a quilt gallery wall, we have several unique ideas that will help show off those beautiful handmade pieces. Whether it's hung on the wall or folded over a rocking chair, these ways to display quilts in your home will add character and warmth that can't be found anywhere else.

Let's Explore Ways to Display Quilts in Your Home

Hang One Large Quilt on a Wall

Kettle Grove quilt on the wall

King size Kettle Grove quilt hanging on the wall.

Hanging a quilt on the wall is an easy way to add a touch of primitive country charm to any room.

It can be used as the focal point of your room, creating an eye-catching and unique display that will draw attention from guests.

There are several ways to hang a quilt. You can use wooden quilt clamps, these are sometimes called tapestry holders. They attach directly to your wall and the clamps hold your quilt.

You could also hang a long curtain rod and use drapery hooks to hang the quilt. Or, if your quilt has loops on the back you could slip it right on to the rod.  

Several years ago when we added a great room on the back of our house, I got the idea to make a crazy quilt that could be displayed on one of the large walls. Hanging that large quilt instantly transformed our wall into something special. 

Large quilt hung on a wall

An old picture of my crazy quilt back when I first made it.

Whether you have old family heirloom quilts passed down through generations or even just a thrift store find, having a quilt wall is sure to become an instant conversation starter among friends and family who visit. 

We carry a nice variety of quilts if you are looking to hang a quilt that coordinates with your home decor and creates a beautiful wall display.

Drape a Quilt over a Rocking Chair

Patriotic Patch quilted throw on a rocker

The quilted throw featured here is our Patriotic Patch Throw.

I love draping a quilt over a rocking chair! It is such an easy way to bring warmth and coziness to any room.

Start off by choosing the perfect quilt for your rocking chair. If you have an old family heirloom, that's great.

If not, for those who don't have a special quilt, we carry several quilted throws that would be the perfect size for a rocking chair. Take some time to browse through different styles until you find something that works for you.

One of my favorite antique rocking chairs has a special story.

When my mom was pregnant with me, she visited her grandparents house. Her grandpa asked if she had "a chair to rock that baby in" and allowed her to choose one of his. My mother then passed it down to me when I was expecting our first baby. 

I am reminded of the love of family each time I see my special rocker. 

Draping a quilt over a rocking chair is one of the easiest ways to display quilts and will add primitive country charm to any room. By using the same quilt as both furniture cover and wall art, you can create a cozy atmosphere that will make your home feel inviting.

Use a Quilt as a Table Cloth

Quilt folded on dining room table

A quilt I originally made for our guest room.  

Adding a quilt to your dining room table is a simple way to add vibrancy and texture at meal time.

Quilts come in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can easily switch up the look with each season or holiday. If your chosen quilt has a family story, you can talk about it when entertaining guests.

To get started, lay the quilt on top of the table and make sure it’s centered properly. You may want to secure it with clips or pins if you’re worried about movement during dinner time. You can also use small quilts that don't cover the whole tabletop but instead just bring a pop of color to the center. 

You could also fold the quilt and place it down the center of the table as show in our picture. 

Next, choose a primitive centerpiece that will really bring out the beauty of the quilt design. A rustic wooden bowl filled with faux greenery or seasonal fruits and vegetables looks great when placed in the middle of the decorative tablecloth. 

Finally, consider adding accents like candles around the edges for added warmth and atmosphere. You can use traditional wick candles or battery operated tapers and pillars.

We just recently moved our dining room table to a larger room in our home to more easily accommodate family dinners. I had fun adding this folded quilt to our table and creating a unique experience for my guests at mealtime. 

I use this type of table display sparingly according to my guests and occasions, keeping in mind the chance for stains or snags. Especially when the grandchildren are around!

Layer Quilts on a Vertical Ladder

Quilts on a vertical ladder

Ladder in the corner of our retail shop.

Another great option for displaying your favorite quilts is by layering them on a vertical ladder. You can fold quilts on the rungs of the ladder for a primitive country look that you can enjoy each time you walk in the room. 

I like to choose three or four quilts depending on how tall my ladder is.

I found several wood ladders on Facebook marketplace when I was searching for ways to display quilts in our new retail location for Primitive Star Quilt Shop. By placing this ladder in the corner of the quilt shop, I was able to add several pieces without taking up much space. 

When using multiple quilts, choose colors and patterns that complement each other. Be sure to mix up sizes, colors, and patterns so there's something interesting at every level of your design scheme. 

You could also choose to simply drape one long quilt over the ladder so it covers all of the rungs.

single quilt displayed on a ladder

This is our Sawyer Mill Blue Quilt next to some of our floral bushes.

Try adding a ladder with quilts to the corner of one of your rooms. I think you'll find it's a really enjoyable way to add color and warmth.

Fold Quilts over the Back of the Couch or Sofa

Quilt on the back of couch

Our Ninepatch Star Twin Quilt is shown in this picture.

Adding a quilt to the back of your couch or sofa is an easy way to add some color and texture to any room.

Quilts are versatile pieces that can be used in multiple ways. A throw blanket is the perfect cozy compliment for chilly nights when you want to cuddle up watching a movie. Not only do they look great draped over furniture, but they also provide warmth and comfort.

When choosing the right quilt for your couch or sofa, consider both size and style. You’ll want something large enough that it hangs nicely over the piece of furniture without looking too small or too big. Pick something that complements your existing decor and fits with the overall theme of the room.

I just recently converted our old dining room into a den.

The second picture below shows how I can easily change up the look in our den by adding a woven coverlet. I threw in some quilted pillows to get the look I wanted for our new living space.

Coverlet shown over the back of a couch

Gettysburg Navy Throw over the back of couch.

Adding a quilt or coverlet to a couch is one of the simpler ways to display them. I think it's a such a fun, effortless way to give color to an otherwise boring piece of furniture.

For added visual interest you could layer two different-sized quilts together on top of each other. This works particularly well if one is patterned while another is more plain in design. 

On The Bed - Of Course

Quilt on bed

This is our Mill Stripe Quilt layered with Sawyer Mill Ticking Stripe.

When it comes to displaying your quilt, the bed is the obvious choice. It’s a practical way to decorate your bedroom while keeping you warm and cozy at night. You can go with a single quilt or layer several together for an even cozier look.

One of the easiest ways to display quilts on your bed is by simply laying them flat over top of the sheets and blankets like you would any other blanket. Achieving a snug fit and cozy feel is effortless with this method, making it ideal for those seeking an enduring solution that provides plenty of warmth.

Plus, it looks beautiful.

Another option is to tuck one side under itself as if making hospital corners on an old-fashioned bedspread. This adds texture and interest while also helping keep everything in place during sleep time. 

If you really want to get creative with how you style your quilts, consider using multiple layers or textures for added dimension. Try folding one lengthwise and lay it across the foot of the bed. 

Don't forget your guest bedrooms! I like to use quilts in my guest rooms to make the bed as inviting and comfortable as possible when entertaining overnight friends and family.  

Adding a few well-placed country-style primitive quilts into your bedroom décor will instantly give it more charm and character than ever before. 

Matching Quilts on Twin Beds

Matching quilts on twin beds

Beth @shady_pines3interiors features our Pine Grove quilts on her loft beds.

Did your mom and grandma have a room with double twin beds? 

My grandma did. I love the look of using matching quilts as another one of the great ways to display quilts in your home. 

We have a son and three daughters. There was a time when our girls needed to share a bedroom with three twin beds! I made them matching bedspreads and we had fun decorating their room. 

Those were some fun and crazy times!

I think having beds that coordinated helped bring a bit of calm to an otherwise lively place of activity. 

Using matching quilts on your twin beds is not only a practical solution, its also an easy way to add a charming rustic touch to the room.

Rolled up in an Old Crock or Basket

Quilt rolled in an old crock

This crock features a quilt from our Maisie Patch collection.

Rolling up a quilt or woven coverlet in an old crock or basket is a great way to combine beautiful textiles with some of your favorite antique pieces. 

It’s also an easy and creative way to store your quilts when they are not being used, while keeping them handy for when you need that extra blanket. I've found antique crocks at flea markets or auctions. The five gallon or eight gallon size work well for rolled quilts.

Fold the quilt in such a way that some of your favorite fabrics are visible, creating an attractive display as you roll it up.

I also have an old basket that was made by my great grandfather. I enjoy adding textiles and berries or greenery to that basket as well. 

This technique works especially well with larger quilts since they tend to be too bulky for hanging or draping over furniture pieces. However, you can also try it with small quilts.

Since crocks and baskets are not too large this is a great way to add extra quilts to bedrooms or family rooms and even bathrooms. Place one near the foot of your bed for extra warmth during chilly winter nights, or place several rolled-up quilts in a corner for an eye-catching display piece.

I keep a couple quilts rolled in an antique copper boiler we like to display next to our fireplace.

Quilts rolled up in copper boiler

The quilt on the right is our Ninepatch Star Quilt.

I love the challenge of finding unusual ways to display quilts around our home.

No matter how big or small your home is, rolling up a primitive country quilt into an old crock or basket will always be a stylish and practical choice. Try out this approach now - you won't be sorry.

Stack Your Quilts on Top of a Cupboard

Folded quilts on a cupboard

A few quilts from my collection.

If you’re looking for another unique way to display multiple quilts, why not try stacking them on top of a cupboard? It’s a simple yet striking way to show off your favorite pieces. Plus, it adds a touch of primitive country charm to any room.

I recently tried this with a wood cupboard my husband I found at an auction decades ago. We were told it originally came out of a school house in London. Whether that is true or not, we don't know, but the cabinet has been a practical storage piece for our family for many years.

Either way, I love using it as one of many ways to display quilts in our home.

Gather the quilts you want to use and fold them carefully so they fit the top of the cupboard nicely. Then layer them in a neat fashion. Make sure each layer is evenly spaced out for an aesthetically pleasing look as well as stability when arranging them on top of the piece of furniture.

Finally, accessorize.

To give your stacked quilts some extra flare, add items like baskets filled with pip berries or books tied up with twine bows…the possibilities are endless.

Illuminate the display by adding lighted pip berry garland around the edges to create a dramatic effect in darker spaces. Or, you could place battery operated candles near each side for a gentle glow. 

Stacking your quilts atop a cupboard is an effortless, eye-catching way to showcase your assortment of quilts. This method also allows you to easily access the quilts when needed.

Layered on a Quilt Stand

Quilts on a quilt stand

Three quilts that are particularly meaningful to me.

A quilt stand is a great way to display your primitive country quilts. The floor stands are typically made of wood, and can hold two or three quilts easily. You can select a style that fits your home decor, from traditional to contemporary.

Simply fold your quilts and place them over the bars.

You can add a different quilt to each bar or you could choose to fold one quilt in such a way so that it covers most of the stand by itself. You can also create a layered effect with your quilt stand. Add smaller coordinating pieces like lap throws or wall hangings on top of it in various places throughout the stand. 

Each of the three pieces on the quilt stand in this picture have special meaning to me.

The center quilt is the first one I ever made. It look me several years to complete. If you'd like to read more about how I made my first quilt, you can follow one of my "rabbit trails" on the post where I share how the quilt shop got started

The quilted throw in front is from our custom bedding collection called Cheston. The Cheston quilt collection includes curtains and pillows. We first designed this collection back in 2015.

We tell about our 4 exclusive collections and how each one came to be. You're welcome to check out that article and read all about it. 

Cheston is still one of our most popular collections today. There is a video where I share how we expanded our Cheston collection to include even more decorating options in this article

The quilt in the back is from our second custom collection called Primitive Star. This quilt is one we designed using all the great fabrics from the Kettle Grove collection. I just love the vintage prints, black plaids and stripes that are used in this beautiful patchwork collection.

If you want to make more use out of the space, consider hanging items such as greenery garland or a small wreath on the edges of the quilt stand. 

No matter how you decide to arrange things on your quilt stand, just remember: less is more when it comes to layering up these beautiful pieces. Too much clutter will take away from their charm and character; so keep it simple yet stylish at all times. 

Draped Over a Door

Quilt draped on a door

My handmade crazy quilt featuring blocks embroidered by friends and family.

Incorporating a quilt onto an unused door in your home can be a simple and efficient method of adding warm texture and color. Just another one of the creative ways to display quilts in various rooms around your home.

Quilts are perfect for this purpose because they come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes. Plus, they’re lightweight so it won’t be too difficult to hang them up.

Measure the door's dimensions, top-to-bottom and side-by-side, to determine what size quilt is needed. Most likely you will be folding the quilt in half or even thirds to get it to fit properly. 

It’s also a great way to repurpose something you may have had for years.

Just the other day my husband walked through the house and commented on my quilt in this picture. He was glad that I had decided to hang it again. He enjoyed seeing it knowing this handmade quilt has a lot of special meaning to me. 

So go ahead and get creative - hang those gorgeous pieces proudly knowing that every room needs its own unique touch.

Use a Wreath Hook

Quilt on a wreath hook

This is our Maisie Patch Quilted Throw.

Hanging a quilt on an over-the-door wreath hook is another easy way to add primitive country charm to your home. All you need is a wreath hook and some string, twine or ribbon.

To hang your quilt, simply bunch up one end of it and tie the string around it. Then hang the string from the wreath hook so the quilt hangs down like a curtain. You can fan out the smaller top portion of the quilt for added visual interest or let it all hang down for an even more rustic look.

This simple trick can be used not only with traditional full-sized bedding but also with mini wall-hanging versions too – perfect if you’re short on space but still want to show off those beautiful creations. With just a few simple steps and materials, anyone can easily turn their living room into a cozy little nook filled with homemade artistry using this classic technique.

Fold Over a Stair Railing

Quilt displayed on a stair railing

The quilt shown here is our Sawyer Mill Charcoal Quilt.

Folding a quilt and placing it over a stair railing is an eye-catching way to introduce texture and hues into your interior without occupying too much room. Whether you choose a traditional patchwork pattern or something more modern, this look will be a great way to dress up your stairs or landing.

Want a little behind the scenes scoop on this picture?

While visiting my son and his family the other day, I realized they have the perfect stair railing for displaying their quilt. However, in order to get the "perfect" photo I had to temporarily relocate over a dozen shoes from my children and grandchildren. :) 

When selecting a quilt for this project, consider selecting colors and patterns that coordinate with other elements in your décor such as curtains or rugs.

Hanging a quilt over your stair railing is an excellent way to give any room an instant facelift, whether it be for practical reasons such as creating privacy between floors or simply adding visual interest throughout. With these tips in mind, get creative and start displaying your quilts today.

Folded in a Cupboard

Quilts folded in a cupboard

A combination of quilts and woven throws.

Folding quilts in a cupboard or hutch is an excellent way to keep them safe while still displaying them.

This technique can be applied to quilts of any dimension, enabling you to pick the perfect size for your area. To start, fold each quilt tidily and layer them within the cupboard. Make sure there are no creases or wrinkles as this will affect how they look once displayed.

Finally, open up the doors and enjoy your beautiful display.

This is an easy and efficient way to store quilts when not being used. I enjoy combining folded quilts and coverlets in my antique hoosier cupboard. I love the warmth it adds to my home decor. 

On a Horizontal Ladder

Horizontal ladder

A black woven coverlet folded over a ladder.

Yes, I know. This is not a quilt. It's one of our Gettysburg woven coverlets.

When we bought our 1890's home several years ago, we found an old metal silo ladder in our garage. I love using it to hang quilts and coverlets!

At Christmas time, I use this ladder to hang our family stockings. When redecorating after Christmas I always enjoy making a new display. 

This picture shows how I layered the coverlet with a crocheted table square made by my grandma. I then added greenery and lighted twig garland

If you don't have a ladder already, you might check our your local Restore or look at garage sales and auctions for an old wooden ladder. When I was looking for staging items for our new retail shop last fall, I found several great wood ladders on my local facebook marketplace.

You could choose to hang a different quilt in each ladder space. Or, you can just use one larger quilt to hang over the top of the horizontal ladder. You now have a unique display that adds texture and warmth wherever you put it.

Ladders are perfect for creating cozy atmosphere in bedrooms or living rooms alike.

Mix things up by alternating between larger and smaller quilts as well as colors/patterns every once in awhile so that no two displays look exactly alike. This keeps things interesting while ensuring everyone who visits has something different to admire.

On a Quilting Hoop

Quilt displayed in a quilt hoop

An example of the Around The World quilt pattern.

If you decide to use this method of displaying your quilts, you can choose the quilt hoop dimensions based on the size of your quilt. Quilting hoops are available in various sizes so they can accommodate different sized projects – from small wall hangings to full-sized blankets. The larger the quilt the larger the hoop might need to be.

I folded the quilted throw in this picture and hung it over the long side of my oval quilting hoop. Then I simply hung it up using a nail. You could also use a picture hanger or command hooks. 

Using this method allows you to create a notable feature piece wherever you want to place it in your home – whether that’s above your bed or mantelpiece. It also provides flexibility if you ever decide to switch things up. You can easily choose to hang it a different space in your home. 

So why not give using a quilting hoop a try? With minimal effort required you could have yourself an impressive showpiece that adds charm and character wherever it is placed. 

Hang Smaller Quilts from Wooden Hangers

 Small quilt on wood hanger

A small hand pieced quilt I found in my grandmas things.

Hanging smaller quilts from wooden hangers is another unique idea to add vintage charm to your room when thinking about creative ways to display quilts.

Wooden hangers are an ideal choice for displaying quilts, as they provide a rustic touch. The natural grain of the wood adds texture and visual interest. You might be able to find old wooden hangers in all shapes and sizes at thrift stores or online retailers, making it easy to create displays that fit your own personal style.

When hanging small quilts from wooden hangers, ensure the weight of the item is evenly distributed across both sides of the hook so it doesn’t pull down on one side more than the other.

It's also important to consider how much space you have available in your room before selecting a size. Larger pieces may overwhelm a small area while smaller ones may get lost in a large room. 

Hang Over a Wooden Rake

Quilt on a wood rake

This is our Heritage Farms quilted throw with loops for hanging.

Hanging a quilt over a wooden rake is an easy and ultra-creative way to display your primitive patchwork quilts. Adding a primitive touch to any area, be it the living room or bedroom.

This may not be super common, but it's probably one of my favorite ways to display quilts. I have done this in my home and love it! I got the idea when we inherited an antique wooden rake from my grandparents.

Knowing the background of my wooden rake makes it extra special to me. 

To hang the rake I used a couple of old square nails. I hung the rake over those nails on the wall with the tooth end to the left and the handle to the right. The rake easily lifts off the nails so it's a simple process when I want to change the quilt seasonaly.

When I use a larger quilt, I fold it over the rake handle. If I'm using a quilted throw like this Heritage Farms one with loops on the back, I simply slide the loops over the handle and hang it that way.

Hanging a primitive country quilt over a wooden rake gives any room an instant rustic touch. It's an easy and visually appealing way to display a new quilt, a vintage find or a family heirloom.

Use an Old Window Frame

Quilt in an old window frame

A quilt I made years ago with material scraps from craft projects.

Using an old window frame is a great way to display quilts and other pieces of fabric art. This is especially true for smaller quilts or salvaged pieces of larger ones. 

A vintage window frame adds character and can make your quilt piece look even more beautiful. I usually keep the glass in the window. It helps to keep the quilt clean and free of dust. 

People are always replacing old wood windows for newer ones. You can usually find these abandoned wood windows at yard sales, ReStores or antique stores. Some have wood grids and some are without. Both kinds can look great with a repurposed quilt. 

You can make the window framed quilt part of larger wall display or it can be the only piece hung above a couch or buffet. Have fun finding different size wood windows and placing them around your home. 

Framed and Hung on the Wall

Quilt square framed on the wall

One extra square from my crazy quilt ended up in its own frame.

If you have trouble finding an older wood window, you could look for a large frame. 

Both of these great ideas, either the frame or finding an old window, are ways to display quilts and rescue part of an irreparable damaged quilt and repurpose it into something beautiful.  

Whether used alone as statement pieces or grouped together along with other home decor items, framing your primitive country-style quilts will add character to any room.

To Soften up the Back Porch

Quilt on the back porch
This is our Pine Grove quilt on the back porch over at @shady_pines3interiors. 
My friend Beth has such a warm and inviting back porch. 
A back porch is great place to relax with your morning coffee or take a break from work with some lemonade. Its also great place to chat with friends or read a book. 
Having a patchwork block quilt on the back of the furniture brings color and country charm to the space. Beth also added several pillows and some panel curtains. It's almost like these rich textiles are practically begging you to pause, sit down, take a minute, and unwind at the end of the day. 
Enjoy your outside space even more when you use a comfy quilt on your patio furniture. 

Create a Quilt Gallery Wall

Quilt gallery wall

Quilt gallery photo credit Knot + Thread Design.

A creative, quilting-inspired wall of art can be a beautiful way to showcase your passion. It's an eye-catching way to display multiple small quilts or quilt squares in one spot. 

To start with, you'll go about this like you would if you were creating a photo gallery wall. You will just be using quilts instead.

Collect all the pieces you want to include. You might choose quilted wall hangings, framed quilt squares, and even wall quilt racks. You'll need some basic supplies like velcro strips and hanging hardware such as nails or screws depending on what surface you're attaching it too.

I often use my floor space to lay everything out first so I can see the pieces next to each other and how much spacing is needed between edges. Measure the width and height of your grouping when it is on the floor so you have an idea of where it will be on the wall. Next, measure out where each piece will go on the wall so that they are evenly spaced apart and make sure that they don't overlap each other when hung up. 

The hard part is putting the first piece on the wall. I usually start with one of my center pieces and work my way out to the right and then to the left. If you use velcro strips or command hooks there is less risk when you need to adjust one of the quilts. 

This may be one of the more complicated ways to display quilts but you can do it. Just go for it!

Tips for Caring for Your Quilts in the Home Environment

For preserving your quilts in a household setting, there are several measures to take into consideration.

1. Avoiding direct sunlight exposure is essential to keep your quilt from fading or deteriorating over time. Sunlight can cause discoloration and weaken the fabric of a quilt, so try to hang it away from windows or use curtains to block out any direct light.

2. It is wise to keep the quilt away from areas of moisture which could lead to mold growth on its fabric.

3. Vacuuming or brushing it off regularly will help remove dust and debris that can accumulate over time, which will also help prevent deterioration of the material.

4. Finally, when not in use store your quilt in a cool dry place such as an attic or closet where temperatures remain consistent throughout the year. This will ensure that no extreme temperature changes occur which could damage the delicate fibers of a quilt.

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy beautiful primitive country decor for years to come.

FAQs in Relation to Ways to Display Quilts in Your Home

How do you display quilts at home?

Quilts can be exhibited in numerous forms, from being hung up as decorative pieces to simply laid out on a bed. One popular option is to hang them on the wall as artwork. This allows for easy viewing and admiration of their beauty.

Additionally, quilts can also be draped over furniture or hung from curtain rods to add color and texture to any room. Quilt racks are another great way to display quilts; these offer both protection and an eye-catching focal point that will bring attention to the beautiful craftsmanship of your primitive country quilt.

How do you display a lot of quilts?

Quilts can be displayed in a variety of ways to create an attractive and inviting atmosphere. For large quilts, hanging them on the wall is a great option as it will show off their intricate designs while freeing up floor space.

If you have several smaller quilts, displaying them on shelves or furniture allows for easy access and provides visual interest. You could also hang multiple small quilts together in rows or groupings to make one larger display piece that stands out from the rest of your decor.

How do you display family quilts?

Family quilts can be showcased in several ways to bring out individuality and beauty in any home. A great way to show off these treasured items is by featuring them on the wall or draping them over furniture pieces like chairs, sofas, and beds.

Heirloom quilts can also be used as bedspreads or throws for added warmth and comfort. If space allows, they may even be framed behind glass and hung like artwork.

Other options include displaying quilts on shelves with other decorative pieces or using them as tablecloths for special occasions. With a little creativity, family quilts can become beautiful focal points in any room.

How do you display quilts on the wall?

A variety of methods can be employed to display quilts on walls, such as using specially designed quilt hangers or decorative drapery hardware. One option for displaying quilts is to utilize hangers crafted specifically for the purpose, which are affixed to walls with nails or screws and can bear the weight of a quilt.

Alternatively, you can hang them from curtain rods or decorative drapery hardware that has been securely attached to your wall. You may also consider using large picture frames with mats cut specifically for your quilts, as well as special framing techniques such as shadow box frames.

With any method you choose, it's important to ensure that the hanging materials used are secure enough to support the weight of your quilt without causing damage over time.


There are so many ways to display quilts in your home that can be creative and unique. From using a wreath hook, folding over a stair railing or hanging from wooden hangers; the possibilities for displaying primitive country quilts are endless. You could even create an entire gallery wall of all your favorite quilt pieces.

With so many different ways to display quilts around the house, you can create a unique look that reflects your own personal style and adds character and charm to your home.

Discover the perfect primitive country quilts, curtains, rugs and home decor products to bring a touch of rustic charm and warmth to your home. Shop Primitive Star Quilt Shop for all your primitive country needs!