Create Warmth with Rugs

Primitive Star Quilt Shop is known for our quality quilted bedding but did you know that we also offer a wide variety of rugs in different sizes, textures, and styles?  Many of our rugs match our quilted bedding lines which is very convenient when remodeling a room.  We are a one stop shop where you can get everything you need.

Warm up Your Wood Floors

Many people today are opting to install wood flooring as opposed to carpet.  And while I love wood flooring and the character it brings to a home, many times it will leave a house feeling cold, loud, and lifeless. To combat that many people choose to bring in rugs to add warmth, texture, and life to a room. When I walk into a room one of the first things I notice are the floors and what’s on them. Years ago my husband and I went to a bed and breakfast for our anniversary. It was a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and it was the first of November and it was quite chilly. When we walked into the cabin there wasn’t a single person to greet us but the cabin was so cozy and warm with it’s wood floors and plush rugs and pip berry lighting that we instantly felt welcomed. Have you ever had that feeling? I don’t necessarily think that every surface needs to be covered but if you have a large area in your home that is all wood then a rug is a nice option.

Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers several different kinds of rugs. We have Braided Rugs, Cotton Rugs, Chindi Rugs, Floor Mats, Stair Treads, Hemp Rugs, and Kilim Rugs.  

Braided Rugs are a Favorite

Our Braided Rugs come in several different sizes ranging from 20”x30” all the way up to 8’x11’. We have rectangle and oval braided rugs and a few half circle rugs. Some of our braided rugs are made from jute and some are braided from printed cotton fabrics. We offer a wide variety of colors to fit into any décor that you might have in your home. The braided rugs are probably my favorite out of all the collections. I personally own a big braided rug that is under my dining room table and I absolutely love it. I also have a smaller matching braided rug at my front door that has proven to stand up to rain and snow. I just love how the braided rugs can instantly change the look of a room.  

Cotton and Chindi Rugs 

We also have a line of Cotton Rugs. These rugs are 100% cotton and come in a variety of sizes. I would say the cotton rugs are a litte brighter and might appeal to people who like to mix patterns.

Another kind of rug we offer are our Chindi Rugs. These rugs have a very distinct look. I think they look very vintage…something my grandmother might have had in her home…this look is very popular right now as I scan through my instagram feed. They are 100% cotton and are handmade on a loom. They come in several sizes ranging from 20”x30” to 6’x9’ and they also come in various colors.

Floor Mats with Art Work

If you are someone who likes to have something at your front door to display we also have beautiful outdoor Floor Mats that will welcome your guest. All of them have beautiful artwork. These mats have a 100% rubber back with a polyester face. They are easy to clean by vacuuming them or shaking them out, and you can even spot clean these rugs with a mild detergent and then air dry.

Unique Hemp and Kilim Rugs

Our Hemp Rugs are very unique. They come in various sizes and colors and would great in any room of your home. These rugs are made from 80% hemp and 20% jute Maybe you’re the kind of person that loves a lot of rich color and pattern then our Kilim Collection might be for you. These rugs are named after the ancient art of weaving and are a 50/50 blend of wool and jute. These rugs are very durable and also have a unique feature of being reversible. So if you are someone who also likes frequent change then this is the rug for you. We offer many sizes to suit any room in your home.

Soften Stairs with Stair Treads

Something else we offer that you don’t see very often are stair treads. In our first home that we owned we had a wooden staircase. When my children were babies I would carry them up and down those stairs several times a day and I was always so worried that I would slip and tumble all the way down. Stair treads are a perfect solution and are appealing to the eye. I think they also add a lot of charm because it’s something you don’t see very often. We have several different color patterns to choose from. Our braided stair treads are made from natural jute fiber, dyed, and then hand constructed. 

So no matter what your taste is we offer something for everyone. Rugs will add warmth, art, color, charm, coziness, and texture to your room. We make it very easy to shop for our rugs…you can shop by size, style, or pattern to find the perfect fit for you.  For more information on our rugs and details visit Primitive Star Quilt Shop today.