The Rugs Everyone’s Talking About

Did you know that flat-weave rugs have matured into a home décor must-have? They’ve been dominating display racks and showrooms for the last few years and new versions are always popping up.

So what’s the allure? Well, these rugs are fairly affordable, available in bold colors and patterns and are easy to look after. What’s more, they are a pleasure for allergy sufferers. And since the rugs are so flat, they can slide into just about any space.

The Spaces These Rugs Work In

Oversized flat weave rugs are ideal for living rooms where the rug can sit under all the key furniture pieces, which helps to make a room feel more connected.

If you plan on using your area rugs in a nursery, you can get away with using bold patterns, colors and textures. Soft, colorful rugs make for a softer play area when your child wants to crawl about and roll around.

While flat weave may not be as soft as a wool rug, it is regularly used in nurseries and playrooms since furniture and toys can slide across easily. The low pile of these rugs also means it hangs on to less dust and dander, so it’s a great fit for kids who suffer from allergies.

These rugs also work well in dining rooms. It can be tricky trying to slide dining chairs in and out when a rug has a high pile. The flat weave rugs have carved out quite a niche market, ensuring that taking a seat at the dinner table is no longer a tug of war with a thick rug.

Picking a Pattern for Your Rug

These rugs are known and liked for their great patterns. The bold imprints turn the floor into a focal point, drawing eyes downwards. When it comes to choosing a pattern, remember to think about the style of your room. For nautical-inspired and classic rooms, striped rugs work well. For a bolder pop in the living room, add a bold geometric print in a contrasting color scheme that will make a strong statement.

Oftentimes a larger rug, such as a 9 x 11 or even 8 x 10, works well in a larger room. If you have markedly grouped seating in your room, you can get away with using two 5 x 8 rugs to clearly define those spaces.

Flat-weave, or short pile rugs, also work exceptionally well in bedrooms. But remember that you don’t necessarily need as sturdy a textile in the bedroom than you would in harder-wearing spaces. Go for something softer, like a wool rug that will keep your toes warm when you get up in the morning. Bold prints, such as a black and white wave, can lend a contemporary feel to more traditional rooms that are laden with wood paneling.

If you love short-pile rugs or are looking for the perfect rug for the rooms in your home, be sure to have a look at our range at Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

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