A Sneak Peek at This Year’s Fresh, Bold Colors and Color Trends

From natural and dusty hues to fresh bold colors, it’s time to take a good look at the stunning palettes that are making waves this year. It’s still early in the year, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get in on the front end of these gorgeous color palettes that are bound to create stunning spaces while evoking a myriad of emotions. Use the ideas to pick out trendy bedding or decorate your living area.

Inspiration from Farm to Table

This year is set to bring together stunning metals, natural elements and clean, clear tones.

Think smooth cement meets weathered wood, or organized architect meets spirited bohemian. Picture frolicking in fields and gathering fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden to scatter on a reclaimed wood table. Try to imagine getting dirt stuck under your fingernails and then rinsing your hands in your farmhouse sink. Taste the sips of sweet sangria straight out of steel goblets.

Colors this year really are going back to the basics, with shades derived from natural elements, which can both contrast and complement more industrial looks.

Colors Without Season

If you’re trying to decide what color your trendy bedding should be this spring or which fresh, bold colors to splash on your living room walls, why not just go for what you feel will look best! 2016 sees a blur of mixing cultures, traditions and holidays and that impacts our understanding of the seasonal color rules. Colors that are associated with both holidays and seasons are being widely accepted for everyday use now. Colors that are inspired by autumnal hues, for instance fall flowers, crunchy leaves, earthy gourds and shades of gold, are all set to shine very brightly this year.

Don’t be surprised if soft winter colors, like deep purples, dusty roses and even frosty grays, make their way to becoming important statements for modern, simple styling – they are the fresh bold colors of 2016! Such romantic, feminine tones tend to draw inspiration from softer textures like cashmere clothing and powdery snow. Winter berry, dusty blue-mauve and even blue-reds are bound to be trending and those go brilliantly with untreated woods and mid-century lines. Pair a wintery-colored quilt with a rugged wooden reading table or pick trendy bedding in berry-reds for a bold statement.

Happiness and Comfort

Warm, cozy grays are going to continue playing an important role in home décor, especially when paired with uplifting hues. Seek inspiration from healthy foods, like creamy green avocados, red-brown almonds and tan-shaded crackers. Warm grays will pair well with happy yellows and even deep golds and mossy greens.

Oceans of Color

If you love nothing more than feeling like you’re dipping your toes in the ocean, pick shades of emerald, teals and aqua. Fresh, bold colors from bright corals to the moody blue-greens are going to continue topping the trends in 2016. If this is your idea of a calming décor idea, use a palette that reflects the power of the ocean combined with the soft, cleansing feel of the water. Muted plums will work well with this kind of palette.

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