Does Your Bedding Match Your Personality?

Bed making can be an intimidating task. You see something gorgeous in a magazine, but that world of glossy perfection just seems so far away from your own life of rushed times, messy kids, and pets that seem to never listen. And it’s not just the bed making that’s daunting, it’s the whole decision-making process about what kind of look you want and the type of bedding to choose.

What look do you really want? Have you frozen at the thought? Here are some of our favorites to help you decide.

A Chilled Look

This look is sort of how you’d imagine a downtown New York loft to be – it oozes casual. Plush linen pillows coupled with a simple linen duvet can do the trick for this look. This is the style to choose if you don’t particularly want to spend more than a few minutes making the bed, but you still care enough to want it to feel appealing. Linen bed sheets are going to get more comfortable with every wash and tend to have a cool wrinkle to them so they feel somewhat rustic and authentic. A flat sheet, four pillows, and a duvet are all you need to put this style together. If you want something cozier, consider a quilt bundle during the colder months. 

A Luxury Hotel Feel

You always see these in the travel magazines: expensive, neat and precise. This look is achieved with a tucked coverlet complete with folded duvet at the foot of the bed to add a sense of opulence. It’s not the kind of place small children could climb into in the middle of the night. You want bordered sheets to serve as punctuation to your luxurious bed and if you have a tall headboard that is upholstered, remember to place pillows vertically. This helps break up the large surface area.

A High-Low Look

If you’re not keen on the maintenance of the luxury look but do think a linen duvet is a little too relaxed for your style, opt for large pillows and a simple coverlet. It will be super easy to make your bed as there won’t be any folding or tucking involved. However, this look does give off a streamlined effect as the coverlet doesn’t have plush fillings or wrinkles. If you want to add just a touch of opulence, use a couple of high-quality pillows and luxurious covers.

A Patterned Quilt Look

A quilt can simply be your hero. With this look, all the attention is on the quilt and it becomes a focal point on modern bedding. This means you need to keep the rest of your trendy bedding symmetrical and simple and within similar tones. You may even prefer to place your pillows flat instead of vertical for this effect.

Patterned quilt

If you love fresh, bold colors and beautiful bedding collections, why not choose a few options for different times of the year or different moods? Take a look at the range of quilts and bedding collections at Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

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