Update Your Curtains for Summer

We are in the midst of spring and we can hear summer knocking at the door. The flowers seem brighter and colors are blooming, so it could be time to think about changing out those heavy, dark shaded curtains and drapes with lighter, more colorful and sheer lace as well as valances and lightly patterned curtains.

Sheer and Lace

These are always great summer choices. These kinds of window dressings let the warm summer light in without sacrificing privacy. Curtains come in dozens of colors and sizes for every kind of window combination. You can use them on their own or even as under treatments.

As for lace, there are loads of styles available that will help you create old-world charm that compliments just about any home décor. These curtains can also be used on their own or as under treatments. Typically available in white and ivory, lace usually has a pattern theme that is woven into the fabric and allows you to incorporate the theme into your curtains. From scalloped valances to tie up-shades and even tailored valances, there are dozens to choose from.

Our tobacco cloth curtains are a great option for that almost-sheer look! They are very light weight and airy allowing wonderful light in the room while at the same providing a perfect amount of privacy. They come in antique white, natural, khaki and nutmeg. 

Natural tobacco cloth curtains


This is by far one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to frame windows without having to worry about layering curtains on triple- or double-curtain rods. Lined, layered and even shaped valances come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles and can be used on their own or over drapes and curtain panels.

Jabot and Sway Curtains

These varieties are fantastic for hiding old, damaged and worn-out window frames. These curtains swoop down on each side of the window, covering the majority of the frame. These styles come in an array of lengths and allow you to pick the perfect size for your home’s windows.

Grommet Curtains

The ideal window dressing for all seasons, these curtains let you draw curtains easily. They have a metal grommet through which the rod is placed. The grommet allows the curtains to slide without snagging on the rod. This is a great way to control how much sunlight enters the rooms and can create a wonderful summer environment.

What about Lightening Up the Kitchen?

If your kitchen has been sporting blinds or full curtains, consider lightening up your space with tier curtains. The half-height curtains will offer adequate privacy while letting in plenty of glorious light.

A Quick Change Can Upgrade the Entire Bathroom

Don’t forget your shower curtain. One made with soft cotton is a pleasant addition to the bathroom and is easy to keep looking fresh and brand new.

Finally, Create a Romantic Effect

No matter which room you are updating with new window dressings, you can create a romantic effect by letting sheer curtains pool on the ground by about 6 inches.

The Primitive Star Quilt Shop stocks a wide variety of curtains. Take a look at our selection today.

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