We are so blessed!

There haven't been many blog posts lately or new products as we were preparing for a very special event in our family. Our son's wedding was this weekend! What a beautiful day for a great couple! Both Kyle and Aubrey played soccer all during school and in college as did their bridesmaids and groomsmen. They added a unique twist to their wedding by having the entire bridal party wear soccer slides with their tuxes and dresses. The guys, instead of wearing a corsage, were given a patch of their favorite soccer team to pin on the lapel of their jacket. Their special time to see each other prior to pictures - was on the soccer field. At the reception, when the maid of honor and best man 

Bridal partyoffered a toast in their honor, we filled our glasses with Gatorade! It was a very fun day.

They both have a great testimony and desire to honor God in their marriage. We are so blessed to have a new daughter in the family. We just love her and are so excited to watch them grow together in this next step of life.


These are our 3 daughters. They had fun showing off their soccer slides!


Here is a picture of the wedding sampler I made for them as a shower gift. 


I thank God for such a wonderful day full of blessings!